Know About Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Tear and its Treatment

by Susan George Urgent Care Services

Before proceeding towards the symptoms and treatment, first, we should have a pretty much much idea of what rotator cuff tear actually means. As we all know that all our bones are surrounded by different types of muscles to protect them. Tendons are the muscles which connect bones to the muscles on the other hand ligaments are intra-muscles connections. A rotator cuff is also a structure of tendons and ligaments that protect the joint of humerus bone I.e upper arm bone to its socket and pectoral girdle. What happens when this cushion of muscles surrounding shoulder joint is injured by various reasons it is known as rotator cuff tear.

Cause of Rotator Cuff Tear

We cannot confine it to a single reason, there could be various reasons behind rotator cuff tear. Have a look at them;

1. Muscles Degeneration

It so happens with the passage of time that our muscles start degenerating, as we move towards an old stage of life. These muscles are more prone to injuries and damage. Likewise, I said above, the rotator cuff is a band of muscles, if these muscles will become weak, definitely they are going to be the reason for rotator cuff tear.

2. Excessive Movement of the Arm

people who involve themselves in excessive movements of their arms due to demand for their profession are more likely to encounter often rotator cuff tear.

3. Hereditary Issues

Some people have a lean body and poor growth of muscles as a result of which, their muscles easily damaged. This is also the one reason for rotator cuff tear.


1. A light pain in the shoulder which become severe on movement.

2. Difficulty in lifting your arm up to the level of your head.

3. In extreme cases, it resists the movement of the arm at all.

4. Swelling of the area around your shoulder joint.

5. Redness accompanied by pain in the shoulder.


1. Warm your Muscles before Game

Sportsmen are advised to warm up their muscles before initiating their game. When you directly exert pressure on the stiff muscles without first making them flexible, chances are more that they will tear up. So always turn to the routine of your game by first preparing your body for it.

2. Develop Healthy Muscles

It is very important to make them less prone towards often injuries. You can do that by adding healthy food supplements to your diet in balanced proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

3. Regular Exercise

a customary exercise daily is very helpful for the health of muscles, it reduces the chances of rotator cuff tear to a great extent. So always manage time to workout in order to make your muscles strong and healthy.

4. Surgery

All the facts described above are helpful to prevent you from rotator cuff tear, but in case your rotator cuff is already injured to a severe extent you can visit Urgent Care Bound Brook for treatment of it. They will first diagnose the problem through x-ray or MRI and then will suggest you the further step. In some cases when your rotator cuff is damaged by an irreversible repair, it needs to be transplanted by expert surgeons. Urgent care clinic Bridgewater could be a solution for that, as you can find trained surgeons there.

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