Kitchen Hacks in Preparing Fish

by Florabel D. Data Analyst / SEO / Research

Seafood such as fish has no average protein. That is why the preparation and cooking process entails a great deal of consideration and meticulousness if you don’t want to mess it up. Another reason why you need to prepare fish well is that it is one great source of vitamins and nutrients like vitamin D and omega-3. In short, fish is good for the heart and brain. Hence, it is just appropriate for you to know how to cook fish in a way that you will really enjoy its true goodness.

For you to elevate and refine your cooking prowess as far as seafood is concerned, try doing these simple kitchen hacks that truly make a difference.

  1. Poach your fish to keep it juicy.

Fish is best when it is cooked moist and juicy and one way to achieve this effect is through poaching. Poaching is known as one of the healthiest methods to prepare your fish because it keeps your fish from being cooked in fat (i.e. butter, cooking oil). With poaching, you dip your fillets into a hot broth, wine, or water and cook them under very low heat. This slow and gentle way of cooking not only keeps your fish from drying but also boosts its natural flavor.

  1. Bake or grill your fish to keep that fishy smell at bay.

There are certain people who are not a fan of the fish scent. If you are that type, then you can follow this hack that gets rid of the unwanted fishy smell from your kitchen. Grilling, for one, definitely alleviates the smell coming from your fish because it allows you to do all the preparation outdoors. When grilling fish, it is advised that you do it over lemon slices to keep fish from sticking to the grill. Another tactic is baking your fish, particularly in parchment paper so all the aromas, as well as the moisture, will be trapped within your parcel.

  1. Brine fish to keep it intact and boost flavors.

You don’t want your fish to fall apart during cooking, do you? Then, bringing it is the way to go. To brine a fish requires salt, sugar, and water as ingredients, the amount of which depends on how many people you are preparing the fish for. You may also add other seasonings such as chili powder, lemon pepper, and other spices of your desire. Anyhow, you mix all the ingredients until they are dissolved before you submerge your fish fillets into the brine mixture. Just be aware of the kind of fish you are bringing as each type of fish has varying lengths of time to brine. For instance, full-flavored fish such as salmon take longer to brine than delicate or flaky fish, and so on.

  1. Pan-fry fish along with some cinnamon to control oil splatter.

Adding a healthy pinch of cinnamon to your pan while frying your fish is an effective hack that helps you do away with that painful and messy oil splatters. Cinnamon is not just an aromatic condiment so to speak. It is a mitigating agent that tones down the hot oil in your frying pan. Using this hack lets you relish your cooking journey better so you can achieve that crispy skin on your fillet.

Additional tips:

  1. Get yourself a fish spatula.

One way of fine-tuning your at-home fish cooking adventure is to invest in cooking equipment. As far as fish preparation is concerned, getting yourself a spatula helps make your cooking go more smoothly while keeping the form of your fish intact in the process.

  1. Watch out for the fish scale.

As we prepare our fish, there are instances that we have to remove the scale. Aside from knowing the proper ways to scale a fish, we also need to be careful when it comes to disposing of the fish scale as it can be a cause for clogged drains. To avoid plumbing issues like clogs from occurring, we must avoid getting debris like fish scales from getting down the drain.

These simple kitchen tips and hacks will surely help your cooking of your favorite seafood go a long way. Make sure to take these things to heart so that the next time you are in the kitchen, you already know how to go about preparing your fish.

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