Keep a Balance of Creativity and Understanding for Any Website Design to work

by Daljeet Arora Digital Marketing Specialist

To base a website design just on creativity is a wrong impression as too much creativity can distract the users form the purpose of the business. To deliver the right message, it is important to incorporate creativity so that it does not come in between the user experience.


In order to be different from the existing brand and stand out in the online pool, it is required for a website to look and feel different. Creativity is an integral part of designing as understood by any website designing company in India. But, being too creative with hurt the website design as at the end it is being designed for the users.  User psychology is a complicated subject but, giving them a difficult design is only driving them away. Too-complicated and too creative web design is not making their life easier as by default they are looking for the least resistant way to complete their task.

So, how to find a good balance between an artistic and original design which still has an intuitive way without losing usability and providing good business?


1.       Come up with a prototype: In less than 50 milliseconds, a person makes his aesthetic judgment on the design. That first impression can tell them how they feel about the brand and products and they decide whether to stay or leave. They want a familiar and simple design, give them one. Everything depends on the target audience as their expectation from the website depends accordingly. But, having a look at the website in mind makes it easier to give it on screen. Any creative website design company has a set structure to start the work from and keep the basics in place for better customer engagement. There are certain things that are expected out of the layout and it should be in that particular order.


2.       Don’t make the user think: Working with any top website designing company in Delhi ensures the website follows the standards that help the users to navigate and find what they need much faster. It is advisable to stick to some of the most popular conventions and not applying the creativity everywhere.


3.       Put the creativity in visual design: Best website Design Company chooses color schemes and font combinations to show the creativity that comes under visual design. One can play with visual balance, hierarchy, and spacing and look for creative ways that simplify the design. Simplifying the design needs more creativity than making it a complex one.


There is much scope for creativity when it comes to giving a definite feel to the website while working around the set standards, conventions and common website prototypes. Being creative comes with some limitations in order to keep the design on track with the brand message. A website company in India mostly focusses on simplifying the user experience as the ultimate goal is to maximize the profit. In the end, you want them to take actions and for that, they should not be lost in complicated creativity.



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