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by Dealvie A. Personal Manager

JAA Lifestyle Inc.(Https://Jaalifestyle.Com/) based in the US is a Unique Social Network, currently in the process of acquiring a European company and listing on the Stock Exchange in Luxembourg. JAA Lifestyle (JAAL), set up in the late 2019 enables its global community members to share its mission of FINANCIAL FREEDOM by engaging them dynamically through JAA Lifestyle’s Cooperative Affiliate Business Model. This model generates Sustainable Passive Income Streams and opportunities to Build Generational Wealth for its affiliates. The current onslaught of the Coronavirus Pandemic has disrupted the lives of people worldwide. Everyone is fearful and worried about their personal safety and their current and future livelihood. When will this devastating global catastrophe come to an end and how will it affect our individual and collective lives? How are we going to survive this terrible pandemic and its possible disastrous aftermath? JAAL’s mission is to create a global corporation that will be ultimately owned by its affiliates. JAA Lifestyle was formed to provide everyone the opportunity to create financial freedom as well as enjoy an amazing lifestyle. People from all over the world join JAA Lifestyle to form a powerful global movement to enrich their lives and create a prosperous world for everyone. This has empowered JAAL to wield massive negotiating power to secure unbeatable deals worldwide. Together we have the bargaining power, together we are strong, and together we will be successful. In response to the ongoing crisis, JAA Lifestyle has decided to act as crazy as the world is acting today. As a result, We are happy to announce that we have just finalized an agreement with an advertising company based in the UK, US, and Singapore who are selling local and worldwide marketing campaigns to small, medium, and large companies all over the world. Here is the deal we have negotiated for you. NOW YOU CAN EARN THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ANNUALLY WITHOUT HAVING TO WORK OR INVEST ANY MONEY IN JAA LIFESTYLE

Benefits of Becoming a Free JAA Lifestyle Member. When you register for free:

  1. JAA Lifestyle will gift you *$50 worth of Free Future Shares.
  2. Our Advertising Partner will pay up to $1,000 per annum every year as Advertising Bonus
  3. You also receive Advertising Bonuses of up to $1,000 per annum for every person whom you personally sign up for free under you.

The Advertising Bonuses above will be paid monthly from October 2020 or as soon as JAA Lifestyle’s Worldwide Free Member Base reaches 10 million. When you sign-up 12 people personally, you will receive more than $1,000 per month as Advertising Bonus. To earn an additional $50,000 per annum just personally sign-up for free 50 people from anywhere in the world. *JAAL will gift you an additional $100 worth of Free Future Shares for every 10 free personal sign-up you do. Currently, the share price is $0.10, so if you personally sponsored 20 free sign-ups within 10 days of your own registration you will be entitled to a total of $250 worth of future shares and you will receive 2,500 shares. The $250 will increase in value up to as much as $2,500 or more when the company is fully registered on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and the shares will be traded openly within the next couple of months.

Version 1.30, Updated on: 18th April 2020 All Currency Figures are To register as a free JAA Lifestyle member you need to be invited by a registered JAA Lifestyle member who as your sponsor or introducer will give you his/her user-name or referral link (e.g. to do so. When you click on your introducer's referral link the system would automatically take you to the JAALIFESTYLE.COM new member registration page and when you fill in the online registration form and submit you will be automatically placed in level 1 of your introducer’s personal JAA Lifestyle network

To REGISTER as a member or affiliate you need to be 18 years or above, and can provide the following personal information.

  1. Your full name. (As in your passport or national identity card)
  2. Your username (a – z, 0 – 9) e.g. freedom001
  3. Your Sponsor’s username (e.g. syahdea)
  4. Your email (Unique email address, cannot use other’s email address)
  5. Select Your Country
  6. Mobile Phone Number (e.g. +60 12 252 2020)
  7. Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
  8. Choose a strong password & enter twice (mix of upper- & lower-case letters, numbers, symbols)
  9. Accept Terms & Condition and Privacy Policy (check the 2 boxes provided)
  10. Click “SIGN-UP” to submit your registration. Check to see if your registration is successful

Then login to your email and check for JAA Lifestyle’s official welcome email. If you didn't see your official welcome email in your inbox, check your email address’ spam or junk folder. Respond by clicking to confirm your email address. This is the final step for registering for free. If you didn’t receive your official welcome letter immediately contact JAA Lifestyle’s support personnel via email ( and give your name and username and ask them to re-send the welcome letter. You can also contact support by clicking Contact us at the bottom of every web page. You are now a registered JAALifestyle Affiliate. Login to our website using your chosen username and password and go to the Accounts Page to copy your referral link. For example, if your username is "syahdea". Your referral link will be

Contact all your friends, relatives, associates including your social-media friends from anywhere in the world and invite them to join you by sending them your referral link and this document by email, WhatsApp or any communication app to request them to sign for free. When they register using your referral link, they will be placed automatically in level 1 of your JAA Lifestyle Personal Network. For everyone who joins you in your level 1 you qualify to earn Advertising Bonus of up to $1,000 per annum There are NO LIMITS to the number of people you can personally register for free from anywhere in the world. The JAA Lifestyle Program is truly International. There is also NO TIME LIMIT to stop your personal sign-ups. To remain inspired and motivated please login to JAALIFESTYLE.COM every day to check out your CURRENT POTENTIAL INCOME on your Account Page.

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We have just finalized an agreement with a company based in UK, US and Singapore who are selling local and worldwide marketing campaigns to small, medium, and large companies all over the world.

As a member of JAALifestyle you can now receive up to $1,000 per year for every member you register personally, FOR FREE!

All you do is use your promotion link which you find on your account page, and send it to all your friends and relatives (minimum age 18) and have them register. They will get the $50 worth of shares, but at the same time, they will from October start making money for receiving advertising.

All you and they need to do is download their app, and decide what kind of advertising you are interested in getting a good deal on, then you will all start making money. AT NO COST!

They pay everyone monthly and you will see on their app how much you have made at any given time.

There is NO LIMIT to how many you can register! To make $1,000 per month, you sign up 12 people. If you want to make an extra $50,000 per year, you need to sign up 50 people.

It is all in your hands.


Click HERE to REGISTER...!!!


Now, more than ever, in these crazy times, we all need to stand together and prepare for the future. Together we have the bargaining power, together we are strong, and together we will be successful.

Therefore, JAA Lifestyle has decided to act as crazy as the world is acting today!


The $50 in shares will increase in value up to as much as $500 or more! The company is going to be registered on the stock exchange and the shares will be traded openly.

NO work is required of you.

Take advantage of this crazy offer and give all of your friends and family this incredible deal.

The faster you register, the more Future Shares you will get!

The more people sign up, the more we are worth, the more you will benefit from your Future Shares.

No limits to countries where you can register.

FIRST 20 MILLION people who register will receive $50 worth of Future Shares!

Be quick, we are estimating to reach this number of people by the end of May!

Click HERE to REGISTER...!!!


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