IVF or in vitro fertilization

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IVF or we can say that in-vitro fertilization has brought new hope for the couple who are dreaming for a baby. The process of IVF is new for the couple which cannot plan or we can say that which can not process a baby naturally. IVF or in-vitro fertilization is also known as "test tube baby" process.

IVF is an advanced technique to treat infertility which helps the couple to become the parent who attempted much time in the last year.  

  What is the Process of IVF?

One cycle of IVF may take up to 2 weeks. During this procedure, mature eggs are retrieved from the female ovary and sperm is taken from the male. Both are then fertilized in a lab. After that, fertilized eggs which are called embryo implanted in the uterus. Of course, a single egg may not be, enough so multiple eggs are retrieved from the uterus using a needle guided by ultrasound.

The whole process is done under local anesthesia. In-vitro-Fertilization (IVF) is a common infertility treatment. During the procedure, a fertility doctor takes the eggs from the ovaries using a small needle and fertilizes them with sperm in a specialized lab.

After fertilization happens, the eggs develop into embryos. Three to five days later, the specialist re-implants the embryos back into the uterus. Embryos are indirectly inserted to the uterus, they are kept in an incubator to check the growth. Once the embryos are developed, these are placed under the uterus with the help of thin plastic catheter through the cervix.

Poor sperm quality may hamper the fertilization of eggs. To cure this problem, individual sperm can be injected into the egg directly with a needle using microscopic ICSI. Men having no sperm may go for a direct sperm aspiration from the epididymis or testis. Before performing this process, much male sperm test and ovarian monitoring are done on regular basis.

Hormone injections are stimulated into the ovaries to produce more eggs. follicular monitoring is done on regular basis to check the growth of the eggs. Once the doctor will find the enough sized eggs, an HCG injection will be given for the final maturation of the eggs. Mostly, Couple’s eggs and sperm are taken but in case of an infertile male, donor sperm can be used. In some cases, other woman’s embryo can be implanted in the uterus to have a baby. After 2 weeks of IVF procedure, the pregnancy test is done to check for the status of IVF


In 2010 the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to Robert Edwards for the development of in vitro fertilization.

In July of 1978, Louise Brown was born in Oldham, England, as the first baby to ever be born through IVF.IVF is an advanced technique to treat infertility which helps the couple to  full fill their dreams . By the process of IVF a mother not only give the birth to a baby but it also gives birth to a new generation which means alot words can't express that feelings.

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