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Menopause refers to the ending of fertility in women where she stops menstruating. It cannot be assumed as a disease or disorder because it is a normal part of life. The aforesaid state is being experienced by every woman once in her life span. However, females may notice some symptoms prior to their final periods. In certain cases, some women may notice signs for months or years afterward. The average age of menopause in women is 45 to 55 years. Regardless of being a natural process, it may cause dramatic changes that prompt various symptoms. This article will elucidate the menopause symptoms and treatment. 

Developing proper understanding will assist you to manage the symptoms if you encounter this problem in the future. Though, there are various treatments available through which the symptoms can be managed or controlled. However, in fewer cases, a female may become menopausal at the age of 30 or even younger.  And this state is known as premature menopause or premature ovarian insufficiency. The said condition is influenced by hormone or due to a change in hormonal levels.

Signs and symptoms: 

Menopause is not a disorder or a disease but it generates some profound alterations in a female body. A diagnosis of this state is confirmed when a female doesn’t have menstrual periods for a year. Though, the menopause symptoms normally appear prior to the cessation of one year period. 

Irregular menses: The first sign of menopause changes in the menstrual pattern. Some females may notice a period every two to three weeks. On others hand, some may not menstruate for months at a time.
Lower fertility: Perimenopause is a condition prior 3 to 5 years of menopause. At the time of this stage, the estrogen level will drastically fall. As a result, there will be a decline in the odds of getting pregnant. 
Vaginal dryness: It is the most common sign that a woman face. She might experience itching, dryness, and discomfort of the vagina that occurs during perimenopause. This pain is generally noticed due to lowering estrogen levels. This lower level of hormone causes vaginal atrophy. It is an inflammation of the vagina that results of shrinking or thinning of the tissue.
Hot flashes: Hot flashes are a sudden feeling of heat in the upper body of a female. It may initiate in face, neck or chest and may start in downward. It may make your skin red and patchy and you may start feeling sweaty. It also results in a sudden increase in her heart rate or at times become irregular. 
Night sweats: When hot flashes occur at the time of sleep cycle then it is termed as night sweats. It is being said by many females that hot flashes don’t remain last for a few minutes. 
Other effects: The menopause may also show some other symptoms like hair loss or thinning of hair, breast shrinking or gaining fat in the abdomen. However, the symptoms may persist for a longer period. In some cases itching, vaginal dryness and discomfort can be chronic and may not improve without treatment. 

Menopause problems can lead to giving rise in certain complications like cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis etc. The risk of cardiovascular disease is attached with a drop in estrogen level. However, during menopause, women have a higher risk of breast cancer through the risk can be reduced with regular exercise. At last, during this condition, the bone density is also affected rapidly during the initial years after menopause. The risk of osteoporosis is related to lower bone density. 

At the time of this condition, there is a menopause treatment available that a woman can pursue. Most of the females don’t seek advice at this time while others may not need treatment. If the symptoms are affecting a female’s quality of life then she must consult a doctor. The doctor may recommend her hormone replacement therapy by supplementing their estrogen and progestin level. Apart from this, there are some other medicines available to lower the effect of menopausal symptoms. For instance, hot flashes can be treated with medication. Your doctor will suggest you as per your body conditions. Apart from this, vaginal dryness can be effectively treated with vaginal estrogen. It can be applied to the area as a tablet, ring or cream. 

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