Issues That Car Brakes Can Face And Their Remedies

by Ronnie Matt Marketing Manager

A car is a complex assembly of different machines that work in accordance with each other to create a machine called ‘car’. These components are several and all of them are given different tasks or roles to play. One of those components is the brakes that are of different kinds like normal brakes and electric brakes. No matter what kind is installed in your vehicle, one thing is assured that after being used for several years; the mechanism would definitely start causing issues. In this post, we take a look at some of the most common issues that the brakes of your cars can face.

Lack of immediate response

  • In case, the vehicle is not responding the way it should be as you press the brake pedal, you should immediately understand that there is some issue with your machine.
  • According to the experts, this lack of response is the most common indicator of the vehicle facing some issues related to the braking system.
  • The reason is that upon pressing the pedal, several machines and component functions together right from your foot to the tyres to stop your vehicle.
  • If any of these parts or component malfunctions, the entire system can be amidst several problems out of which, the most common is the lack of timely response.
  • The best step is to seek the services of the experts involved in normal and electric brakes repair.
  • If this problem is being faced by your vehicle, according to the experts of 4WD repairs, you should stop driving and get it towed to the nearest repair station.
  • This is because this problem could be because of various reasons like internal leaks and others.
  •  There is a master cylinder involved in the braking system that can experience internal and external leakage.
  • In case of this leakage, irrespective of whether it is internal or external, the brake fluid can leak making your vehicle’s brake to malfunction.
  • In such situations, the best step is to take the car to the nearest authorised service centre as the mechanic will immediately find the issue and repair it in the beginning phase.

Shimming or shivering of the steering wheel

  • In case, your vehicle’s steering wheel starts to shiver or experience shimming upon pressing the brake pedal, you should immediately understand that there is some issue with the braking mechanism
  • According to the experts of electric brakes, in case the vehicle is experiencing this, there could be issues related to front rotors. 
  •  In this case too, it is a good idea to get the vehicle checked by the experts as he can immediately tell if there are some issues with the front rotors.
  • The most common issues that they can face are getting warped, having bad pads, too much moisture and so on.
  • If one of these problems persists, you will have to get rotors replaced by the authorised auto and electric brakes repair expert.

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