Is Your Shoulder Pain Coming From the Rotator Cuff?

by James Smith Online Marketing
Have you ever experienced pain in your shoulder while lifting upward, or do you experience a painful shoulder at the end of the day or while sleeping? This means that your rotator cuff is irritated and weak. The Study shows that 20% of people after age 32 with shoulder pain have a rotator cuff tear. Up to 30%, people suffer from shoulder pain after age 40 and about 80% of people after age 60 face shoulder pain.

The rotator cuff is a cluster of 4 muscles that contain the glenohumeral joint muscles in the shoulder. Sometimes abnormal sleeping position combined with the wrong pillow twists the shoulder and neck joints or dislocate them causing severe pain. Shoulder orthopedic memory pain pillow with pressure relief points provide optimum support and comfort to shoulder and neck by aligning the spine for sleeping.

How does a rotator cuff tear in Shoulder happen?

There are diverse quantities of rotator cuff injury and people suffer without many symptoms. Usually, rotator cuff tears are fractional tears, however, can lead to complete tears with pain in lifting a heavy object overhead. Tiny tears mostly happen from a poor position of the shoulder nerves or serious lifting for some point in time. The small fractional tearing is related to the analogy of a cord dispute over time.

Relieve shoulder pain caused by a rotator cuff

Consult a physical therapist: If you are suffering from severe shoulder pain caused by a rotator cuff, it’s highly recommended to first consult a physical therapist to avoid further complexity. You can alleviate the pain by using proper supportive bamboo pillow beneath your shoulder and knee.

Use ice cube: This eases the swelling and stiffness in the shoulder area. Rub an icepack for about 10 minutes on the shoulder area with a towel covered around it to ensure that it doesn’t hurt your skin. Repeat this for 2-3 times a day to relief at as soon as possible.

Have good posture: Ensure to sleep, sit or stand in a comfortable position that helps the shoulder muscles to a position in relax position. The physician recommends using a high-density memory foam pillow to alleviate the shoulder and neck pain. Sleepsia memory foam pillow are popularly known for pain therapy and for improving the sleep quality.

Gently exercise:  Gentle exercise is helpful for all kinds of body pain. Swinging the arm in a gentle sphere, whilst dangling down is relaxing for the shoulder pain. However, it is advised to be careful while exercising the shoulder/arm and consult your physical therapist for the right exercises to carry out, based on your condition.

For Further Help & Support!

Shoulder pain is really common among all age groups of people, especially caused by Rotator Cuff. Irrespective of the shoulder pain causes, the supportive orthopedic memory foam pillow helps to relieve the shoulder pain. However, you should always consider the sleeping position, neck & shoulder curvature, and sleep type before purchasing the pillow.

Sleepsia is a trustable brand in the USA & India delivering high-quality memory foam pillows for all sleep related problems and sleep posture. To buy a pillow from Sleepsia, visit the website, choose your pillow and place an order.

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