Is the use of nangs safe or harmful for your health?

by Jimmy O. Blogger

Anything that you eat or inhale cannot harm you as long as it is of good quality. The same is the case when talking about normal quality & the best nangs. Nangs are nitrous oxide and they can prove to be dangerous in some cases, so it is important to know the way you can use them safely. According to the media report, a teenage girl died in school as a result of using nangs. Another child lost his life as a result of falling from a balcony. The friend of the deceased child told that they were using nangs that day, and they were close friends.

Safety & risks factors of nangs

The most commonly used name of the gas is laughing gas. People have been using it as an anesthetic agent for years. The death of a teenager does not mean nitrous oxide is a poison. Excess of anything is bad. You have probably come across a lot of explainers about the nang delivery online. You have come to the right place if you have any question in your mind. It is important to know the real term for nangs as was stated above, but the most important fact is to know how dangerous or safe it is.

If it is dangerous, why do people use it? Can it kill you? These are the questions you need to know before you use this gas. We get to know a lot from media reports about the nang delivery from different sources. Last week, there was news that a child died of inhaling nitrous oxide. Of course, the news was very sad but it is also a fact that thousands of people use it but they do not die.

The link of nang to deaths

We need to know why some reports sometimes link the usage of the nang delivery to deaths. Without a doubt, the death of a teenager is sorrowful but we have to go deep into the facts so that we can make an informed decision. I also used the nang delivery from some reliable source, and I’m alive & surprised how someone died of the same thing that I had already used last week. Later on, I read the news that a boy fell from his balcony as he was intoxicated by nitrous oxide. Did he survive? No, he died on the spot – shocking news that hurt my feeling badly.

It was mentioned in the news that one of his friends told us that both of them had been using nangs that day. One friend reportedly died while nothing had happened to the other friend – another surprising fact. Now, the question arises in the mind; is the use of the nang delivery dangerous for some and safe for others? If it is a fatal anesthetic, why have people been using it for years?


You may have a lot of questions in your mind about the slang term nangs or the right term nitrous oxide. There is no denying that people probably make use of this so-called laughing gas at their own risk. Do you know one of your friends who use this gas safely? I know a lot of my friends who use it but they are all right. 

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