Is Python the Future of Web App Development?

by Shardul Bhatt CEO, BoTree Technologies

Python is increasingly becoming one of the most popular programming languages. Python for web development is now a preference for companies that require enterprise applications, ML or AI systems, or scalable web apps. 

Stackoverflow's 2019 survey shows that Python is the fastest-growing programming language. Python applications are powerful as the code is simple, explicit, and easily readable. 

Most web apps today work with data. Python development enables companies to leverage this data and utilize Machine Learning for making better decisions. A few examples of such data-based development include Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and many more services. A Python development company can help you build an app just like one of these. 

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Benefits of Python web development

Python is not just the latest trend or hype - it has proven capabilities. While data science is one of the significant contributors to Python development, other key areas make it a perfect web application option. 

Here are a few benefits of Python for website development - 

  1. Cross-platform

Gone are the days when developers were limited to a single operating system. You can hire Python developers and deploy them on any OS as Python is a cross-platform language. It works well on Linux, windows, ubuntu, and more. This entails that if the developers are writing code on a Mac, it will run efficiently on Windows.

  1. Huge library support

Python web development services offer exceptional libraries for adding functionality to your web application. There are built-in functions, exceptions, constant types, GUI development tools, Scrappy, and many more extensions. Python applications use a wide variety of plugins, saving the developers from writing the code from scratch.

  1. Simple and readable

Python development is not too complex, considering its robustness. It is clear and readable, making it a favorite for Python developers. It utilizes white space indentation and eliminates the use of curly brackets. Python is a beginner-friendly language - one of the reasons that everyone seems to get a hold of Python for website development.

  1. Wide community

The community of Python for web development is growing at a rapid pace. It is one of the top 5 most favored programming languages by developers, another survey of Stackoverflow shows. The community provides tremendous support in solving any issue. You will regularly get updates about modifications in the versions and solutions for all kinds of problems.

The future of Python programming

Whether you are a Python programmer or a Ruby on Rails developer, you know that Python's future is a bright one. Some developers say that it will reach the level of C!

It may be hard to believe, but companies offering full stack application development services are on the same page. The biggest reason for its emergence - data science. 

Python has the toolkit for building AI and ML apps. Scientists can easily data sets using algorithms based on Python programming. There are countless libraries for statistical computation, data analysis, and every other AI aspect. PyBrain, PyAnn, Query, MDP ToolKit, GraphLab Create, are a few libraries that work with Python.

On top of that, Ansible, Pyeapi, Netmiko, are a few libraries that help with networking. Python web development is not limited to applications - it can help configure routers without any hassle. Python's foundation for website development is so strong that the other applications of the programming language are still in their infancy.

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Python is enabling developers to build web apps and machines of the future. The code is used to create complex algorithms that transform raw lines of text into smart applications. You can hire web application development services today and get started with your Python project.

 The programming language is the preferred choice for companies like Google, Netflix, Apple, etc. Become one of those companies with a powerful Python application.

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I think Python holds great potential for web development in general and particularly for machine learning projects. Some of the benefits include simplicity, consistency, flexibility, access to great libraries for ML, and a wide community. These benefits add to the overall popularity of the language.
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