Is It Safe to Use Sex Toys

by Jiiang Lui professional writer
If sex toys weren’t safe, the industry wouldn’t have managed to earn $15 billion every year. Those who doubt the effectiveness or safety of these playthings should read this.
Sex toys are now incredibly popular, thanks to pop culture. To be more specific, they started gaining a foothold with the arrival of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” a book from E.L. James. The movie that followed the novel further bolstered the use of pleasure devices. It gave people the confidence to try them, at least. Now, if you still doubt their safety, here’s some info for you. Today, the industry of pleasure devices earns almost $15 billion/year. If the user base of these playthings hesitated like you, it wouldn’t have become the billion-dollar industry it is today.
  1. Health considerations: Now, a few things can go out of hand if you’re about to use a Male Sex Machine for the first time. When you’re browsing various products, check whether they’re “pervertible” or not. It’ll tell you whether the item’s design standards resonate with a pleasure device at all or not. A properly manufactured item has to be unbreakable and smooth. You should also be able to clean it sufficiently. Some devices crafted using hard plastic may have a seam in the middle of a hole through which a cord or battery sticks out. You must avoid buying them.
  1. Other health-related matters: It’s advisable to stick with a genuine Male Masturbation Machine or something similar. The creators of these products designed them specifically for precisely what you think. You must stay away from things not fabricated for sexual pleasure or stimulation. Of course, hundreds of people out there use the handle of a hairbrush or shampoo bottle without encountering unwanted situations. Then again, a few times can be indescribably dangerous. Also, men don’t have too many DIY options at their disposal. They have to resort to their hands or use designated pleasure devices.
  1. Things to avoid: Most of the products are available as novelty items. Today, the FDA approves a few brands, but not all. Furthermore, some of the manufacturers will never tell you anything about the materials they use. Some of these “mystery” materials can cause health risks. Unfortunately, you can never be sure of it. Now, playthings fabricated using soft rubber often contains phthalates, and they’re carcinogenic. Naturally, you have to stay away from them.
  1. Cleaning your toy: When it comes to cleaning sex toys, you should use products manufactured specifically for this purpose. If you can’t find anything worthwhile, just create your own by mixing mild soap and warm water. Avoid submerging electronic or battery-operated devices in the solution, though. Otherwise, you’ll ruin it or get electrocuted in the process. Pyrex or silicone-based products are safe for boiling or running through a dishwasher as they don’t have any electrical components.
  1. Sharing: Whenever two people have sex, they share bodily fluids through intercourse and oral sex. Naturally, there shouldn’t be any additional risks if you choose to share your device with your partner. However, both partners will be safe only as long as they maintain a monogamous relationship. If you have multiple partners, sharing your plaything won’t be wise. You’ll invite STDs if you do it.
Conclusive statements
Pleasure devices won’t contribute to health issues based on sexual orientation. Every toy made of a body-safe substance is safe for anyone to use, regardless of orientation or gender. As long as you’re human, you have an anus. A specific “type” of person won’t eroticize it more than the other. If, however, you don’t clean your toy, pathogens will stick to it and cause ailments. As you can see, everything boils down to staying informed. Nothing else matters as long as you know what’s what.



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