Is it right to take picture or selfie during Umrah?

by Shahid Raza Digital Marketing Expert
It is an issue of numerous people groups, would we be able to take pictures during Hajj or Umrah? 

There are a few limitations during Hajj and Ihram that must be considered by people groups who comes there for Umrah, and different things are permitted and there is no restriction about them. 

These days selfies well known 

What is selfie 

A selfie is a self-portrait photograph, ordinarily taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera telephone. Selfies are frequently shared on long range interpersonal communication administrations, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Snap talk, and Twitter. They are generally complimenting and made to seem easygoing. Most selfies are taken with a camera held at a manageable distance or pointed at a mirror, as opposed to by utilizing a self-clock. 

Attempt to Avoid selfie during performing Umrah 

There are two conditions for any demonstration of worship to be acknowledged by Allah 

1. That it is performed for Allah alone (Ikhlaas – Sincerity) and 

2. That is performed according to the method for the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W). 

These days Muslims are taking photographs so regularly during their Hajj and Umrah as though it is a mandatory piece of Hajj and Umrah. like a rukun. 

This is one of the most important occasions during a Muslim life, so everybody must attempt to benefit from these brilliant time, and it is smarter to surrender everything else. 

We Muslims are totally going in a preoccupation and doesn't understand the estimation of time while in the Holy places and explicitly right in Haram/Holy Kaaba and Masjid-e-Nabwi. Rather than taking the importance of every single min doing dua and Ibadaah, many individuals occupied in taking previews from each edge. What's more, the worst part that in any event, during Umrah rituals like Tawaf/Sayee individuals taking photos. 

Spare your memories 

Then again, we like to have some photos or films from our diaries during the Hajj or Umrah so the most ideal way is that first we totally do our rituals and afterward do different things in a short time. 

Memories are the best a great time for a Muslim it is truly memorable time yet the primary concern, above all else, we satisfy the all Hajj and Umrah rituals, at that point make a more memory with visiting places pic catching and so on. 

Photographing in Mecca and Medina 

Photography is not restricted inside the Haramayn, it's just prohibited inside the Women's segment in the Madinah Haram (Alhamdulillah !), however it would be a good thought for the Haramayn authorities to put a total restriction on it. Individuals would focus exclusively on Ibadah at that point. 

The most irritating part of the Haramayn is the quantity of individuals attempting to take pictures there. There are camera spotlights originating from each bearing. All over the place, you discover individuals placing their cameras before your face, taking photos and recordings, posturing for many pictures in the Mataaf, close to the Maqaame Ibraahim, close to the Zamzam well, and so on, they're there. 

People walk right in the midst of others doing tawaf just to find success with the Kaabah. A few people are so caught up with catching photos and recordings of the Kaabah while performing Tawaaf that they not just log jam their pace and that of different explorers likewise they don't see ahead, consequently making mischief others. This even negates their tawaf That is an important piece of Umrah which can be effectively done from best Umrah Packages. It's an amusing sight in regions close to the means, from where you move down to the Mataaf, you see many individuals remaining in line, every one of them with their cameras in position, similar to celebrity photographers. 


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