Is It Bad To Use A Phone With A Cracked Screen?

by Dillon Patterson Article Publisher

Leaving your Android or iPhone screen cracked makes your phone more susceptible to further damage, potentially leading to more costly repairs.

When trying to juggle all of life’s endless expenses, it’s easy to brush off iPhone and Android screen repairs until later. After all, your phone is still working so do you really need to fix it? Fixing your phone now instead of later could actually save you money.

A number of things can go wrong when your screen is cracked. For one, a multitude of cracks are prone to additional cracking. If your phone cracks too badly you won’t be able to read your screen any longer. Also, cracks allow water and other materials to seep beneath the surface and damage the fragile components beneath, creating more costly damage than a broken screen alone. Plus, actual chunks of your screen can embed deeper into the device or into the switches and openings, creating major damage.

If your iPhone screen is broken and something else goes wrong with your device, Apple will not accept your warranty for repairs. That’s one reason why making sure your screen is always in one piece is important. Your warranty will not cover replacement of the cracked screen. You’ll have to get the screen fixed elsewhere first in order for Apple to consider covering any other aspects of your device.

5 Drawbacks To Using A Smartphone With A Cracked Or Shattered Screen

#1. A Cracked Screen Can Easily Turn Into A Shattered Screen

If your phone is cracked, even slightly, it is at a much greater risk for completely shattering. It can shatter if you drop it, but it can also shatter from practically nothing at all. For instance, you simply set it down on your desk and suddenly the entire phone screen is in 10 million pieces.

#2. Your Phone Could Become Badly Damaged

Without the full protection of your screen, it’s very easy for major components to break. For instance, the digitizer is located directly behind your screen; this important component is responsible for interpreting your touch on the screen. When your screen is cracked, part of the digitizer is left exposed to things like dust, water and debris, all of which are capable of creating a lot of damage. Give it some time and it’s very likely that the digitizer will break, leaving you with far greater repairs to contend with.

Actual pieces of your phone’s screen can also get lodged deep into different parts of your phone, creating damage.

#3. The Glass Can Cut You

The glass can be sharp and cut you or create injury elsewhere. The glass could even embed into your skin. A single cut might not seem so bad, but imagine a bunch of tiny glass shards stuck in the tip of your finger.

#4. Decreases Phone Value

If you decide to sell your device it’s not going to be worth as much with a broken screen. By fixing your phone screen at the time it breaks, you actually help protect the long-term value of your device.

#5. It Looks Unprofessional

You carry your phone everywhere and people are going to notice if your screen is badly cracked. This can reflect negatively on you. It sounds silly but people make judgments based on anything they can gather from your outward appearance, including the state of your smartphone. Think about it: Would you trust someone you don’t know with your device if you saw that his/her smartphone was badly broken?

But I Just Can’t Fix My Broken Screen Right Now!

If money or time is too tight to fix your screen right this second, try using a screen protector to hold the cracks in place and prevent moisture from getting inside. It’s sort of like putting a Band-Aid on a broken bone, but it’s better than nothing.

Should I Try To Fix My Cracked Phone Screen At Home?

Some phones are easier to fix than others, with Apple phones leading the way in difficulty. We don’t recommend fixing your screen on your own unless you have a decent amount of experiencing fixing the type of phone you have. There’s just too much room for things to go wrong and your phone to break even worse. Plus, it’s not cheap to buy all of the accessories you need to fix it in the first place, and it’s difficult to determine the actual quality of replacement parts purchased online.

Affordable Phone Repairs At Your HomeTown Wireless

We can fix almost any broken screen on the spot and directly in front of you. We only use high quality replacement parts so that your device looks and functions as good as new post-repairs.

Whether you opt for a new phone or a simple screen repair, you should take steps to protect your phone from future damage. Your Home Town Wireless offers a full line of the strongest screen protectors available, as well as highly protective phone cases for multiple iPhone models that’ll help protect from impacts, scratches and smudges.

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