Is It a Wise Decision to Choose Local iPhone Repair Stores Over Brand Stores?

by Jitender Kumar SEO Consultant

When it comes to highly expensive devices like the iPhone or MacBook, people tend to doubt the potential of local repair shops. But they also find brand customer service centres too expensive. So, what's the solution? ‘Local repair shops with the right people’ is the answer. Check the article to know why choosing a local MacBook repair store in Delhi NCR is good over brand stores.

One of my friends got almost doubt heart attack last week. First, her latest iPhone slipped from her hands and it’s screen broke. She was in so much shock that couldn’t even utter a single word. We were out for a party, which finished the moment her phone broke. As if this was not enough, she got another shock when she went to the Apple repair shop to get the screen repaired. The charges she was told for the screen replacement were not less than the price of a new phone.

This created a huge trouble for her. She neither wanted to go to a local shop for iPhone repair service nor wanted to spend a fortune on the brand repair store.

What to do was a ‘HUGE’ question for her.

Thankfully, when coming back from the Apple repair shop, she met a person who had availed services of a local MacBook repair store in Delhi NCR. She asked about her experience and got surprised to know the quality of services and the highly affordable prices. She immediately took her iPhone to the same centre and got the screen replaced in her budget.

According to her, there are a few points that prove that choosing local iPhone repair stores over the highly expensive Apple repair centres is a wise decision. Here are some points for your reference:

Experienced staff

Not all, but some good local repair centres have certified and highly experienced staff for Apple devices. They offer affordable and highly effective MacBook, iPhone and game repair services that you might not realize without visiting them. Due to the perceived complexity of repairing technology, people fear to visit the unbranded stores for the repair of their expensive devices, which is not the right thing. There are professionals, who sometimes have more and in-depth knowledge than the people sitting at the brand's customer service centres.


As not everyone trusts these repair shops, they are bound to offer unmatched services to build a strong reputation in the market. This ensures that when visiting them for your iPhone or video game repair, they will offer you a lot more than your expectations. There are stores, that also offer doorstep services where they send their experts at your home to repair the device and hand it over to you immediately. This makes a great option for the people having urgent meetings or important documents on their devices and needs to get it repaired immediately. Getting this service at an Apple store, where you need to wait for your turn for hours is almost impossible.

Comparatively better prices

Apple’s customer service centres are popular for their highly expensive services. There are situations when patrons complain of repair services being more expensive than the device itself. The best solution to this problem is the local repair shop. They offer the same quality or even the better quality of services at highly affordable prices.


So, next time when your Apple device needs repair, that brand's customer service centre is not the obvious choice. Just because it has Apple's logo doesn't mean they can only repair the devices made by the company. There are more talented and experienced people with the right skills to repair Apple devices at much better prices than the brand stores. You just need to trust them and let them do their job without any disturbance.

What are you going to choose next time? Do share your experience through comments below to help other people make a better decision when they look for a repair service centre in Delhi NCR for their iPhone, MacBook or gaming console.

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