Is Chewing Ice Bad for Your Teeth?

by Imtiyaz Alam Mind Digital Group

A lot of individuals chew ice mindlessly. Several issues related to oral health can occur because of this habit. You may need to visit an orthodontist or a dentist as a result of this habit. Now I am going to tell you if it is bad for your teeth to chew ice.

Chewing ice can cause certain types of damage:

1.Your tooth enamel can damage because of this habit – With this habit, damage can occur to the human body’s hardest substance known as tooth enamel. Acid and sugar will not be able to harm your teeth as well as the possibility of cavities will get reduced because of the protection provided to you by tooth enamel. However, tooth decay and acid attacks may harm your teeth when this habit damages your tooth enamel.

2.The oral appliances can get destroyed with this habit – The alignment of bite and tooth will remain proper as well as you can develop a healthy smile by wearing retainers and braces which are oral appliances. These oral appliances can get damaged because of the bad habit of chewing ice irrespective of the fact that the construction of these appliances is sturdy. You may need to visit an orthodontist if the brackets get damaged or the wires of the braces get dislodged. It is important for you to tell the dangers of this bad habit to your kids also if they are wearing retainers or braces.

3.Your teeth can get chipped or cracked because of this habit – The ice is a hard object and if you will crunch it then this will not be good for your sturdy and tough teeth. You may need to visit a dentist if your tooth gets chipped or cracked by eating this hard object.

4.The dental fillings can get damaged by eating ice – Today among the oral appliances those that are very common are the dental fillings. If you will chew ice then cracking or dislodging of the fillings can occur. For repairing it you may need to visit a dentist.

What you can do to avoid this habit?

For avoiding this habit, you can do various things:

1.In your mouth allow slow melting of cubes – If in your mouth you will allow the slow melting of cubes then you can avoid crunching them. With this, you can feel the long-lasting refreshment and cool sensation of the cubes. Your gums and teeth will not damage because you are not crunching cubes.

2.Avoid eating cubes – If you will skip eating cubes then this will be good for you. When drinking anything don’t put the cubes in the glass. In icemakers, several bacteria can be present which you can avoid by skipping this habit. With this, you can also prevent your teeth from damage.

3.Go for alternatives that are softer – You can get a lot of help from eating shaved ice or softer ice in place of regular cubes. Sugar is present in those soft ices that are flavored which is not good for your oral health. So, avoid eating such kinds of ices.

4.Chew healthier foods only – If you will chew vegetables, crisp fruits, apples and raw carrots then it will be very helpful to you. Your mouth will get protection because a lot of salivae will get produced by eating these food items. It will also help you in satisfying your desire of eating crunchy items. Your teeth will get cleaned by eating fibrous material.

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