Is Ayurveda the most effective treatment option for chronic kidney disease?

by Rahul Kumar Health and Medical

Chronic kidney disease refers to the gradual loss of kidney function that occurs over months or sometimes years. In this kidney problem, your kidneys slowly become incapable of carrying out their natural functions. As a result, this damage can cause wastes and toxins to accumulate in your body. Many other problems may occur with the worsening of kidney disease. But don’t worry, as Ayurvedic chronic kidney disease can help overcome this kidney disease naturally, and it’s also way better than any conventional treatment. However, some lifestyle alternations help delay CKD or can prevent it in some cases.

Kidneys perform blood filtration task in which they clear wastes, toxins, and excess fluid from your blood and excrete them along with urine. They also maintain the salts and minerals balance in the body that are further circulated throughout the body and taken where required. Kidneys also make some hormones that help control blood pressure, elevate red blood cells production, and form vitamin D that help keep bones strong and healthy. So, you can understand that why kidneys are called essential organs in the human body.

Chronic kidney disease turns worse with time and may lead to kidney failure. We all know that kidney failure is a life-threatening condition where your kidneys stop working completely. The sooner your CKD problem is detected, the easier it is to protect kidneys from further worsening.

Who are at a higher risk of CKD? 

People with certain medical conditions or factors have higher chances of developing chronic kidney disease. Those risk factors include;

  • Diabetes- It is the topmost cause of chronic kidney disease. Uncontrolled or persistently high blood sugar can damage blood vessels in your kidneys.   
  • High blood pressure or hypertension- High blood pressure is another major cause of kidney disease after diabetes. Similar to high blood sugar levels, increased blood pressure can also damage blood vessels by putting extra pressure on them.     
  • Heart problems- Heart and Kidney functions are interconnected with each other. So, people with heart problems have higher chances of developing kidney disease than normal people.
  • Family history- If any of your parents, sister, or brother has kidney failure, you are at a high risk of this kidney problem. Kidney diseases generally run in families. If you have family history of any kidney problem, encourage other family members to get tested for kidney disease.

Some other factors may also increase your chance of getting kidney disease. If you adopt a healthy living with certain alternations in day-to-day living, you can lower the risk for kidney disease. When you develop CKD, Ayurveda may offer the best solution to this kidney problem.

What symptoms may you get in CKD? 

Kidneys have a greater capacity to carry out their natural functions. They can perform well until they are damaged to a large extent. In other words, kidneys can perform all their tasks efficiently until they have been damaged to 90 percent or more. That's why; you will feel fine when you are at an early stage of chronic kidney disease.

When CKD advances, you begin to experience some symptoms. At later stages of CKD, numerous symptoms may be apparent in your body. Commonly, edema happens when your kidneys can't remove fluid from your blood, and therefore fluid retention takes place in your body. This condition causes swelling in the legs, ankles, hands or feet or sometimes on your face or around your eyes. Many symptoms may appear in chronic kidney disease, which include;

  • Pain or pressure in the chest
  • Dry or itchy skin
  • Feeling extremely tired
  • Decreased or sometimes increased urine output
  • Headache
  • Breath shortness
  • Poor appetite
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Trouble in concentrating
  • Unusual weight loss
  • Muscle cramp


What’s the best chronic kidney disease treatment?

When you develop chronic kidney disease, your Allopathic doctor suggests medicines for your apparent complications. With worsening of kidney condition, you may be asked to take dialysis. Dialysis is conducted when kidneys can’t filter the blood as they should. A kidney transplant is the only final option to overcome this kidney disease when your kidneys fail entirely. But let us tell you that the conventional treatment can’t provide the best cure to such problems as it works on complications of the disease, not only the root causes. Dialysis and kidney transplant are considered advanced treatment methods, and they are also complicated in terms of their processing. As a result, there are several risk factors associated with these treatment methods. Even after, Allopathy can’t provide an enduring cure to chronic kidney disease.

If you choose the best Ayurvedic treatment for chronic kidney disease, you can get your kidney problem cured naturally. Ayurveda is a holistic treatment system that mainly emphasizes improving the body's inner imbalance that may be related to Doshas, Dhatus, Malas and body channels, etc. This holistic treatment believes that if our biological state is balanced, we will lead a healthy life. When any of the doshas, dhatus, body channels or any vital energies get disturbed, you may develop health problems accordingly. Ayurveda aims to balance that disturbed body core to naturally help a patient get rid of his health problem.

In chronic kidney disease, Ayurvedic treatment applies its ancient healing method. Mainly it works on the imbalanced Doshas and other disturbed inner energies. Additionally, it also targets the other aspects of the disease like symptoms, complications, etc. Above all, this holistic treatment can revive kidney health to ensure that they can function well. This is how, after choosing chronic kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda, you will get rid of all complications of the disease and also attain your normal kidney health back.

In a nutshell, Ayurvedic treatment for chronic kidney disease makes your kidney healthy again by reviving kidney health and also sets you free from all complications associated with this kidney problem. In this process, Ayurvedic treatment mainly utilizes herbal medications and some ancient sacred therapies. Diet, Yoga, and certain lifestyle modifications are also necessary for your chronic kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda. Consequently, this holistic cure reverses CKD naturally without putting any negative after-use effect on your health.

Opt for an eminent Ayurvedic kidney hospital that can help cure your CKD problem naturally.

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