iPhone App Development Tips to Follow in 2018

by Basavaraj Hoku Marketing Manager

You might have heard or read of long lists of do’s and don’ts when developing an iPhone app for your business. Well, there is nothing constant in this world except change. The same thing applies to all iPhone apps. Certain techniques and apps are removed and forgotten with time and some new aspects and techniques are added. In some cases, new things are not always added, but the priority given to different aspects of changes in the development process is related to the changes in user preferences.

So, here are some tips for iPhone app development that you should follow this year:

  1. Your iPhone app should have visual impact

No matter how perfect your app’s functionality or how awesome its complex features are, no user will fall for your app is it does not attract the user visually. The design is what I am talking about. Designing an iPhone app to be visually appealing and attractive is a way for users to fall in love at the very first sight. And no, I am not over exaggerating things, trust me! During iPhone application development, the design should be a priority in order to entice users to download and use your app. When a great design is combined with amazing functionality, your iPhone app will become a hit in Google Play Store.

  1. Look for Mistakes

If you are looking for the amazing features and functionality before the ugliness during the initial stages of iPhone app development, then you are doing it wrong. “Praise at first shall give you a criticism of the worst”. Looking for your mistakes during development will provide you a picture of perfect post development. It is always better to correct your mistakes by yourself rather than users finding the fault or bug in your app and addressing it. You might not take harsh criticism by other people so well and it could damage your app’s reputation if users post their own reviews of your apps and cause other people to think twice in downloading and using your app.

  1. Update and then update again

Updates should have two uses: The initial update is for you to stay updated with nuances coming from your iPhone apps and the second one should be releasing an updated app regularly and in a timely manner. These two are like the two sides of a coin, non-separable and mandatory. Most users are more likely lose interest and abandon your app if they do not find something new or intuitive about your app. Without fascinating updates and amazing innovations, it can be very difficult withstanding and competing with more than 3 million of apps in the Google Play Store. So make sure that you or your iOS application development company, is doing its best in providing updated versions of your app for better customer satisfaction.

  1. Test your app before launching it

Before launching your iPhone app to Google Play Store, you should test it first for bugs and improvements. One of the best help for iPhone app development and emulator for iPhone app testing is iPhone Studio. It is simply one of the best tools for debugging. iPhone Studio can be very helpful during the initial stages of developing iPhone apps. However, if you want a flawless iPhone app without any bugs or issues, you cannot rely on emulators alone.

Testing your app on actual devices is the surest way to check for bugs and make improvements. You can ask for an iPhone apps development company to conduct testing on different iPhone devices in order to create perfect apps that can compete flawlessly with others.

  1. Ensure compatibility with wearables

This year, wearable devices and gadgets are one of the emerging trends that are expected to continue and increase in the next years to come. Therefore, it is important that your iPhone app is compatible with wearable devices so that users can connect both to their iPhone phones or tablets and wearable devices. Your users will gain more productivity and you will have a competitive edge over similar apps that are lacking such features.


When building your own iPhone apps, make sure that you follow these five tips in order to compete and not lose with other iPhone apps on the market. In case you cannot build your own iPhone app, you can contact HokuApps which is an iPhone application development company that can help create and build your very own iPhone apps.

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