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Starlight Perkins series diesel generator units apply diesel engines from Perkins Engines Co., Ltd. equipped with brushless self-excited AVR controlled generator, its power ranging from 24KW up to 1800KW. The series are well received in domestic and world markets.


Product advantages of Perkins generators:

1. Excellent damping performance: optimization and design of the damping system based on dynamic computer simulations.

2. Advanced control system: control strategies of whole monitoring system based on the reliability design.

3. Green environmental protection: diesel gensets integrated with energy saving and low emission.

4. Low noise: exhaust and muting system is customized for each set.

5. Good performance: stable running, small vibration, low fuel consumption, low oil consumption, long running life and short overhaul and low noise.

Performance of Perkins generators

1. Electrical performance of Perkins generators:

1) In accordance with the standard GB2820 and ISO8528/3. Conforming to technical requirements for the YD/T502 communication diesel gensets of the post and telecommunications system.

2) Rated voltage:400/230V

3) Connection mode: three-phase four-wire

4) Frequency:50Hz

5) Rated power factor:0.8 (lag)

6) Radio interference suppression: comply with the provisions of VDE0875-N Class and GB2820 regulations


2. Standards of Perkins gensets:

1) In accordance with the provisions of the international standards GB/T2819 ISO8528, IEC34 etc.;


2) Rated output power of generator units accords with;


3) Altitude is less than 1,000 meters above sea level;


4) Environmental temperature 0 ~ 40 ;


5) Relative air humidity of 60%;

3. AC generators of Perkins gensets:

1) Excitation mode: brushless self-excitation


2) Insulation class: Class H


3) Level of protection:IP21 ~ IP23


4) Voltage regulation: automatic adjustment


4. Control boxes of Perkins generators:

There are different types of control boxes such as manual, automatic, remote monitoring and automatic intelligent types. Basic configuration includes voltmeter, ammeter, water thermometer, oil pressure gauge, preheat controller, emergency stop button, button, battery voltmeter, schedule, phase selector switch, etc.


Working principle of Perkins generators

After the clean air filtered by the air cleaner and the high pressure atomized diesel injected from the nozzle are fully mixed inside the cylinder of the diesel engine, the volume shrinks and temperature rises rapidly under the upward extrusion of the piston, then the ignition point of the diesel is reached. Thus the diesel is ignited, the mixed gas is in intense combustion, the volume rapidly expands and the piston is pushed downward, which is known as the “Work Done”.Each cylinder does work in a certain sequence, and the thrust on the piston turns into the power promoting the rotation of the crankshaft after going through connecting rod, so as to drive the crankshaft rotation. When the crankshafts of the brushless synchrono

us ac generator and diesel engine are in co-axial installation, we can use the rotation of the diesel engine to drive the generator rotor, and use the ‘electromagnetic induction’ principle to drive the generator output induction electromotive force, then the closed load circuit will generate an electric current.


Maintenance of Perkins generators


1) We need to change the oil, clean, filter diesel and filter air after diesel generator runs up to 60 hours.


2) We should regularly check the battery electrolyte and add electrolyte in a timely manner when necessary.


3) We should regularly check belt release situation, adjust the tensioning mechanism, and keep the state of tension.


4) During the cold season, we should open the oil heating and water heating switch to keep a certain temperature of genset, so as to ensure that diesel genset can be normally used.


Appearance requirements of Perkins generators:

1) Boundary size, installation size and connection size of diesel genset conform to the product design prescribed in the approved procedures


2) The welding of the sets should be solid, weld joint should be uniform, with no flaws like welding penetration, undercut, slag inclusion and air vent. The welding slag and flux should be cleared; the painting film should be uniform, without obvious crack and fall off;the coating shall be smooth,with no spots due to skip plating and no corrosion;the fasteners of the sets should be not loosen.


3) The electrical installation of the diesel genset should comply with the circuit diagrams, and each wire connection of the sets should have a clear sign of not easy off.


4) Diesel genset should have good grounding terminals.


5) Diesel genset shall have complete sign content.


We are leading diesel generator manufacturer and can provide multiple brands of generators including Cummins, Perkins, Volvo, Deutz, Doosan Daewoo, Yuchai, Shangchai, Weichai and Wuxi generator set.

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