Intrigued By Eyebrow Lamination: Here’s A Quick 101-Guide

by Kara Sherwood Digital & Content Marketing
If you have a hard time taming your eyebrows every morning, there are some amazing cosmetic procedures that you can consider. Options like henna brows and eyebrow tattooing allow you to get fuller-looking brows, and there are other aesthetic options like eyebrow lamination. It’s likely that you have seen beauty influencers talk great things about eyebrow lamination and in this post, we are sharing some key details about the procedure.

What is eyebrow lamination?

Contrary to what the name says, there isn’t any use of lamination paper for eyebrow lamination! It is more like a semi-permanent way to set your brows and, in some places, it is also called a brow perm. Just like you have texturizing treatment for your hair, eyebrow lamination does it for your brows. The brow specialist will use special products to soften the hair follicle and reshape it as desired. What you get as the end result are smoother and lifted brows.

What are the benefits?

As you might expect, eyebrow lamination is all about getting the right look. Your brows will appear better shaped, smoother and your brow expert can help you get that perfect arch too. Unlike a lot of other treatments for brows, such as microblading, the procedure is non-invasive and the results are not permanent, which means you don’t have to make a long term choice. If your eyebrows are unruly, or you have a hard time using a brow gel, this procedure will make your makeup regime easier. The results can last for as long as eight weeks.

Preparing for eyebrow lamination

At the first consultation, your brow specialist will discuss your expectations and go over the procedure. Certain skincare ingredients like retinol and chemical exfoliants will be out of bounds for at least 72 hours before the procedure. You should also avoid threading, tweezing or waxing the eyebrows until the next appointment.

What is the process like?

1. The first step is to cleanse the area and ensure that there are no traces of makeup or skincare products.
2. Next, a special cream is applied that triggers a reaction and softens the brow hairs. 
3. The product is then removed and a setting cream is used, which is called the neutralizer. It helps set the brow hair in the new shape as desired. The technician will use a special brush to set the hair in place.
4. Once the brow hairs are set, the specialist will remove stray hairs using tweezers. Because the area is very sensitive, waxing or threading is avoided.
5. The final step is to use a cream or conditioner to help hydrate the hair follicles. You will typically continue to use the product at home.

Is the process safe?

Yes, eyebrow lamination is considered to be a safe option. If you are considering options like eyebrow tattooing, talk to your aesthetic doctor about how you can get the right outcome. As with hair straightening and re-bonding procedures that use chemicals, the process of brow lamination can cause irritation of the skin. Ask the technician to do a patch test if you are concerned. Call a local aesthetic clinic today to learn more about eyebrow lamination.

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