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Cybercrime nowadays risks billions of dollars of data and assets. Hackers have a lot of time exploiting the vulnerabilities and developing the malicious software for sale. In conclusion, cybersecurity professionals are in great demand in today's era across all industries.

Several Cybersecurity certified professionals are available in the market. But CompTIA Security+ Certification training course offers the best chance to learn core cybersecurity skills.

Here is the latest interview Q&As for the job of cybersecurity professionals.

Question 1: What steps can you do to defend yourself from multiple login attempts?

Answer: Set up a lockout policy that will easily prevent the users from login in after specific counts of failed attempts.

Question 2: What would you prefer as your operating system-Windows or Linux?

Answer: The answer to this question can never be ideal. There is a requirement to have an in-depth knowledge of both operating systems, whether Windows or Linux, as we all know that Linux is regarded as virus-free and has more security than Windows. Before giving any answer, first ensure that you explain the pros and cons of both the operating systems in detail.

Question 3: What’s the Purpose of a Firewall?

Answer: Firewall is a security device that prevents your network by filtering traffic and prevents strangers from having unauthorized access to your confidential data stored in your system. It can either be in the form of hardware or software.

Question 4: What is Gateway?

Answer: Gateway is a network used for telecommunications to connect two networks with various transmission protocols. It acts as the entry and exit point for the network as all data passes through or communicates with the gateway before being routed. Gateway is the key to the internet. Without it, the internet is useless.

Question 5: What’s the difference between a gateway and a router.

Answer: A router is also the computer networking layer system, but it manages and forwards the data packets. At the same time, the gateway is normally a device or a small piece of hardware that operates as the mediator across the networks.

Question 6: Explain Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and whether it’s working?

Answer: Cross-Site Scripting is a web security attack when an attacker uses the susceptible application to send malicious codes, usually in the form of a browser side script, to different end-users. XSS is the injection attacks that insert spiteful scripts into otherwise trustworthy and very basic websites.

Question 7: What methods should you use to record spiteful activity on our systems?

Answer: Tools such as IPS, IDS, DLP, NBAD, and SIEM detect spiteful activities. Some of them are the evolution of others, and the rest strictly focuses on certain types of weird activities. But still, they all are meant to help you discover the spiteful activities on your computer and alert your IT staff to generate the necessary response.

Question 8: What’s the use of port 443?

Answer: Port 443 gets utilized as the virtual port for diverting the network traffic. This port gets applied for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

Question 9: What is the OSI model? Name the different layers of the OSI model?

Answer: OSI stands for Open Systems Interconnection and is the theoretical framework for describing functions of networking systems. The OSI model describes the computing functions in a universal set of rules & standards. Connections have their partitions into seven abstraction layers in the OSI reference model.

Question 10: What is the Protocol Analyzer?

Answer: Protocol Analyzer Is the Software that captures and monitors data through the communication channel for all possible threats. It gathers the data from the communication channel and converts the bits into a protocol sequence that makes sense, known as Packet Sniffer.

Question 11: What is Proxy, and how does it work?

Answer: proxy is the server application that translates the traffic between two networks or protocols. It acts as an intermediate between the end-user clients and the websites they had visited.

Question 12: How to keep a VPN connection secure?

Answer: A secured tunneling protocol is the perfect technique to secure your VPN connection. Numerous options are available there, but you should select the most appropriate one for the security of your digital environment.

Question 13: What’s the difference between MAC, DAC, and RBAC?

Answer: MAC makes its decision based on the labeling and permissions, whereas DAC considers only permissions, and RBAC makes its decision based on functions and roles.

Question 14: What do you mean by unified threat management?

Answer: Unified Threat Management (UTM) is the security system that protects against spyware, viruses, worms, other malware, and other network attacks through single-point protection.

Question 15: What do you understand about the Access Control List?

Answer: Access Control List (ACL) is the list of protocols used to filter network traffic, specifically in a computer's security settings. It grants users access to certain system objects like directories of files while denying them access to unauthorized users.

Question 16: What are the types of XSS?

Answer: There are three types of are:

  1. Reflected XSS: In this XSS, the malicious script originates from the current HTTP request.

  2. Stored XSS: The spiteful script is stored in XSS and comes from the website's database.

  3. DOM-based XSS: The vulnerability consists of client-side rather than server-side code in DOM-based XSS.

Question 17: Give some ways the organization may protect itself from XSS.

Answer: some of the ways are:

  • Programmers may guide against the addition of JavaScript to the query string.

  • Input variables sent through the web forms saved in the database should remain free from JavaScript.


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