International Merchant Account Delivers Authentic Credit Card Processing

by Web Pays High Risk Merchant Account & Payment Gateways

An international merchant account refers to a certain bank account established with merchant acquiring banks. It permits you to process online payments and settles your funds in numerous currencies. This assures that your customers worldwide are able to buy your goods in their own standard currency.

As a business person, you’re consistently looking to grow your e-commerce business and boost earnings. The way to do this is to develop an international existence for your business.  To do this, your business will require to process credit cards in numerous currencies. And to do that you’ll require international merchant account services by WebPays.

Advantages of an International Merchant Account from WebPays

Functioning online provides your business permit to customers at each junction of the globe. But many domestic banks will only authorize your business to process credit cards and get settled out in a single currency.  With an international merchant account from WebPays. Your business will not be restricted to just domestic customers.

WebPays’s network of offshore acquiring banks has liberal underwriting guidelines. That makes it more comfortable for your business to get a merchant account that allows it to receive international credit cards and process in numerous currencies.

Specifying an international merchant account through WebPays indicates.

  • Spreading your business to foreign customers.
  • Expanded sales and profits.
  • Puts your business separated from your competitors.
  • The capacity to process numerous currencies.

Fraud protection for High-Risk international merchant account

Stressing about protecting cardholder details for customers in one country is hard. But extending your business worldwide means an expanded risk of credit card fraud and scams. WebPays MasterCard Visa CC Processor delivers a state-of-the-art PCI-compliant payment gateway. That enables prevent fraudulent activity.

WebPays does this by using the following.

  • 3D Secure processing
  • AVS checks
  • Customer blocking technology
  • Telephone order confirmation procedures
  • Historical fraudulent customer database
  • Exhaustive fraud screening
  • World-class risk management
  • Live Customer Service Center

Get your online business on the track to success and improve earnings by receiving international charges. Contact WebPays to talk to one of our Account Administrators and extend an International Merchant Account:


International merchant account destroys disguised fees


During the payment process, either your business or consumers might incur some concealed charges. Most businesses that process a big number of payments or a tremendous number of international receivables are paying far more than they should in transaction fees. If you want to do transactions. Then try to ascend pay for high-risk merchant transactions.

Some of the flat fees assessed for incoming wire transfers are often revealed until the payment is accepted. Instead of blindly walking into any transaction without transparency on the fees. You will be indicted. International merchant accounts suggest a way to ignore these bank charges or instead have you pay some part of it. And trimming your expenses overall.

Besides, you’ll have some peace of mind when you only think about your transactions. And not all the exterior factors potentially restrict your access to those funds.

An international merchant account works to terminate any hidden fees for you and your customers by processing direct debit/AHC transactions with no costly global wires. Some international merchant accounts also quit the flat fees paid on promises made to your account. 

Controls online fraud


If you are operating an e-commerce business. You trust being cheated online by scam artists posing as customers. Online fraud is a problem that all e-commerce businesses have to manage however of their scale. Problems such as unapproved transactions and charge-back conflicts will not only deepen your business’s credit score. And they can spoil your business’s image.

International merchant accounts are more than just receiving debit and credit card payments. They assist fight against leaped checks and online frauds who are out to make a fast buck from your business. Most international merchant accounts have payment gateways and processors that assist against fraud.

Thus, you can receive any digital payment while bypassing the risks such as bad checks. And because international merchant accounts have databases that preserve records of all transactions, you can even succeed in any chargeback conflicts against bad customers. Still, most significantly. Your image and credit rating stay safe.

So, use an international merchant account for safe payments and transactions for the responsibility of your global business.


Enhanced foreign exchange rates and decreased losses


The unreliability of foreign exchange confirms to be harmful to multiple businesses in history. The foreign exchange rates extremely affect both parties. The customer and the receiver of the transaction.

The customers like a cost-influential foreign exchange rate which is fine. And businesses like to bypass any quick payments that may come up due to the consumer mistakenly accounting for the rate.

International merchant accounts have fixed foreign exchange rates. And they’re always on presentation. So the customers are never detected off-guard by the instabilities or interchange fees.


Assures you consistently get paid in global payments and on-time


This is a huge advantage to your business. If your global customers don’t always spend time. That may affect your business in different ways. First off, slow international payments may negatively impact your business’s cash flow. Secondly, the anticipation of those international invoices can suspend the expansion of your business.

Owning an international merchant account always assures your consumers not only to pay but pay quickly.

Different international merchant accounts deliver a possibility for your international customers to pay. And you can instantly confirm the token of the funds.

International merchant accounts terminate the requirement for you to constantly reach out to customers to confirm. If payment has been processed. Also, customers have a more standard transactional flow and can pay faster.

When your business experiences the world of international payments. There’s no requirement to open foreign bank accounts to execute business in those markets virtually. International merchant accounts terminate the necessity to get a foreign currency account to accept payments in that detailed currency.

Final Words


There’s plenty of competition in the international marketplace. And you require to have a streamlined payment process for your customers that isn’t difficult or complicated. Global merchant accounts take off the burden of these confusing processes.

Some international merchant accounts have a provincial and global banking network. That destroys setting up and handling complicated foreign accounts.

However, you can access these already specified global banking networks without squandering beneficial time and struggle to specify foreign bank accounts by having an international merchant account. Your customers will pay in their preferred currency. And you accept the fund in your desired currency.

Acknowledging one will also enhance your productivity. And decrease the time required to do complex calculations. Further, the all-inclusive payment tool will boost your business concerns. And offer customers you’re a faithful business.

Nonetheless of your business experience, you require one if you have an online and international market. However, there are many delegated international merchant account providers. So opt for one that functions for you.

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