Interior Design Trends to Follow in 2018

by Kuvio Studio Best Home Interior Design Company

Every New Year brings opportunities and trends that seep seamlessly into our lifestyles. The dawn of each year is not only a chance to reflect on our achievements but an opportunity to set goals and embrace new ideas.  Everyone wonders what 2018 will bring in terms of design and décor. The freshness of thought and desire to evolve sure envisage intoxicating concepts and pave way for design revolutions. We’ll see old aesthetics come back into the flavor and entirely new looks taking shape. 

Thanks to the internet, one can predict what the design pundits and seekers are looking for and setting as their targets this year. The current searches will transform to practical executions and make 2018 the best year yet to have an interior makeover. The predictions of the trends for the year are already tallying up. The forecast will give a chance to explore what to expect of the top interior designers in Bangalore for the time ahead and pile early choices for deciding what to adopt.

It’s safe to follow the pack and take elements of what’s popular to ensure safe design overhaul. But there is beauty in being bold and exceptions always rule. Whatever the taste, there are overwhelming trends on avail that cover the convention as well as custom.

Judging by the trending searches, these home décor trends are bound to be big in 2018.

The Return of Greenery

Organic decorative enhances a living space significantly and provide freshness of color and quality of matter. Green is the color of nature and 2018 will see it form an intangible force influencing design and décor trends. Get creative with plants and open doors to new opportunities with the abundance of life force. Let the greenery cast a spell of delights and give your house a touch of life.

Wall Art

The new times bring bold attitudes along and there is great satisfaction from being the standout. There is beauty in simplicity but the quirks are forever acceptable and favored. Bare walls are officially out as search trends support a seismic interest in all forms of wall decor and artwork. As life’s all about dreams, let the walls be a canvas to paint your passion in forms intangible.

Terrazzo Flooring

The mosaic appearance of the composite material floors has been a favorable choice since times immemorial. It is a necessary dose of sophistication and a dab of elegance. A slight mention of durability is sufficing justification for it topping the internet search results for interior décor. With roots tracing back to ancient mosaics of Egypt, it would be the hottest pick for top 10 interior designers in 2018.

 The Year of Brown and Beige

Faded shades have always graced our living spaces and 2018 promises to be the year when brown and beige will make a comeback and invade the interior designing scene with force. As silence is the most powerful expression, these colors being far from loud are a pure display of elegance and attitude. Brown and beige exude a sense of calmness commonly associated with natural elements. The organic sense of these colors will favor varieties of living spaces irrespective of architectural diversity.

More is More

Contrasting the philosophies of minimalism, maximalism is an aesthetic trend favoring excess and abundance. The richness of content in design characterizes luxury and fantasy. The uncertainty of meaning and instability from “no holds barred” is becoming all the rage for the current year and promising to stay for those to come.

Vintage Accessories and Decorative

History adds value to simple things and grants a special meaning to the same. Every element of the past has a story to tell and time sure adds taste to everything. The revival of the classic has been in fashion and the trend is bound to dominate interior décor for the future years. Vintage decoration accessories connect generations and serve joys from timeless memories through ages.

Ceilings That Inspire

Seldom one devotes creativeness to ceiling design and art. Its human tendency to follow the standard and after years of restraint, our ceilings have been ignored of significant evolution. 2018 is the year to look up and give the room has a dynamic makeover with the in-trend 3D artwork and hypnotic patterns.

Personal choices dominate trends and conventions. It’s hard to satisfy our desires with offerings of luxury. In an attempt to impress majority, Kuvio Studio - the best interior design firm Bangalore helps get your living space the makeover of dreams and spare it of critical eyes. The year blesses endless possibilities to add a touch of luxury, beauty, and relaxation to our living spaces.

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