Interior design ideas for the perfect Lobby for your hotel

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A hotel lobby has become more than just a sitting space or waiting area nowadays, and designing the same can be pretty daunting. Focusing on every element in the room is important because the best results come out when everything aligns with each other and are in harmony with the vibe of the hotel. Now what is this everything, you may ask? Well, it includes lighting, decoration, theme, and whatnot.

Factors such as the location of the hotel, what the owner wants to represent, the overall design, etc. plays an important role in hotel lobby interior design but some of the aspects are basic and cannot be ignored. Keep on reading to learn more about them.

Light up your Lobby

Creating the perfect ambiance for the multipurpose area, i.e., the hotel lobby is crucial. It is used as a reading area, for business meetings, to talk, and in many more ways. And hence, it is important to use lights that somehow meet every purpose of the guests. Three of the primary lighting that can be used in a hotel lobby are:

  • Pendant
  • Directional
  • Lines of Light

Different light sources and luminaires according to the above-mentioned light sources could be chandeliers, wall lights, adaptable lights, etc. Along with lighting up the lobby, these light sources also create a glamorous and dramatic look in the hotel.

Warm Tones

It is a well-known fact that colors play a significant role in interior design. Using warm tones creates a sense of familiarity giving a welcoming feeling to the guest. A welcoming feeling could easily be equated with comfort which is the core idea of hotel interior design. An additional tip for a similar aura could be using slow music at all times.

Choose the upholstery wisely

Warm tones, as discussed above, could also be incorporated in the upholstery of the sofas and armchairs to be placed in the hotel lobby. Not only it will bring a sense of comfort, but it will also help in lighting up the room. With the same in mind, you can choose the rest according to the theme of your hotel. For instance, colorful upholstery could be used to make different statements or if you are aiming for minimalism and contemporary design, a neutral palette could be kept in mind.


Choosing the ideal furniture and placing it perfectly is very necessary. Having the perfect balance of sofas and armchairs circling the right sized center table can be unnerving. The Center table is supposedly the focal point of the room or a certain area and helps in binding other elements together. Therefore, whilst designing make your way ahead from there.


Now that the setup and arrangement are done, it is time to decorate the space. This is the most flexible step because of the various decor ideas. Starting with rugs, they help in holding the entire plan together. Next, of course, are plants. Bringing nature in is always a good idea. Artwork and paintings are other important items as they say a lot about the hotel. Throwing in pillows after mixing and matching them with the whole of the lobby is also a great idea for decorating a comfort-oriented space.

Once you are the past basic components of designing a hotel lobby, the rest is totally in the hands of the owner and what he or she wants the image of their hotel to be. Whether they identify themselves with bold and brash or sleek and simple, the hard part will be over with the above-mentioned ideas. 

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