Interesting Facts About Caviar That Will Blow Your Mind

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Caviar is undeniably one of the star ingredients of the culinary world. Also known as the delicacy of the elite, these black pearls can be consumed in an endless number of ways, from being served on their own or as a garnish on top of toast, crackers, or even cucumber. When we think of caviar, the first picture that comes to mind would be an unbridled luxury, with fancy table runners and pearly white dishes, but there’s so much more to the delicacy than its unparalleled eloquence as a gourmet ingredient.

If you are already intrigued by the fancy treat and cannot wait to learn about it, hold tight! Here are a few interesting facts about caviar that will blow.

It is one of the Oldest delicacies

The first known record of caviar dates back to Aristotle's time as it dates back to the 4th century BC. However, the Persians were the first ones known to prepare and savor the exquisite delicacy. So it was before raw oysters, champagne, and even truffles were deemed a delicacy; caviar was coveted by kings and the aristocracy.

It is Replete With Nutrition

Caviar is known to be a powerhouse of nutrition. It is packed with nutrients such as protein, carbs, Vitamin B12, iron, and sodium. One ounce of caviar contains more than double of your body’s daily Vitamin B12 requirements. It is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids and EPA. The Omega-3 fatty acids work towards maintaining your cardiovascular health and can protect you against stroke, blocked arteries, and other heart diseases.

It is Audible

Yes, you read that right! When the fish roe rub against each other, the friction produced can be distinctly heard. The sound of good caviar when it’s packed is distinctly recognizable as something similar to a cat’s purr.

It is not that Expensive

The reason most people steer away from trying caviar is that they assume that it is very expensive. Caviar certainly is not cheap, but that does not mean you cannot relish the delicacy without burning a hole in your pocket. Caviar prices have dropped in recent years as advances in aquaculture have made farmed sturgeon more available and affordable. You can check out caviar supplies services like Haute Caviar to get it at the best prices!

It Lasts More Than A Day

Most people will tell you that the best way to enjoy caviar is to savor slowly but finish quickly. However, that’s not exactly true! Since fresh caviar is cured for at least 90 days using ancient techniques, it is expected to have a shelf-life of at least two months, but once it’s opened, fresh caviar should be consumed within one week.

Now that you know some fascinating facts about caviar, it’s time to try the gourmet treat for yourself! To get your hands on a wide selection of both domestic and imported caviar, check out Haute Caviar.

Author’s Bio- The author is a domestic and imported caviar dealer, and this article is about interesting facts about caviar. 

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