Instructions & Guide for Your New Tattoo Aftercare Guide

by John Smith Proffesional Manager

We would like to say that it is very easy, and it is very important to guide you after separating to ensure a clear and consistent color result. The most important idea of ​​remembering is that tattoo needs breathing while healing. If you apply a lot of Tattoo ointments, moisturizing or wetting for a long time, the tattoo will turn off and lose color. Within 4 hours (preferred one hour), remove the bandage, wash the detergent and apply it, then complete the tattoo after the fare. New tattoos can easily stimulate materials from your clothes, so it is recommended to cover in your most vulnerable life.


When washing the tattoo, use soft antimicrobial soaps to gently only solid-state shapes. Be sure to remove both or almost all blood effects to prevent layers. For the best tattoo after the mission, I wash the area three times a day. If the tattoo is in your hand or foot, the area is vulnerable to bacteria and dirt, so it is washed 3 to 4 times a day. Cleaning, rinse, dry area of ​​patri with soft towel. Allow tattoos for 20 minutes. You can tighten this area, but this is very normal. Then put a small amount of ointment on the tattoo. Remember that the tattoo needs to breathe. Therefore, apply only a small amount and leave it to the skin. If this area looks very bright, you can cancel extra approximation. Many holes and lots of holes make tattoo scabies.

Some Basic Guidance For Your New Tattoo Care:


1) Leave the bandage of at least 6 to 6 hours and less than 10 hours. The reason for the bandage is to invade the bacteria transmitted by air and other pollutants into the wound.


2) Your new tattoo must be considered as an open scratch, so please wash your hand carefully before you want to touch or clean. Do not force your exclusion that removes the bandage carefully! If you paste it, you cannot wet any part carefully, so that the bandage may continue to pull slowly and a piece or a dry coast.


3) If the bandage is removed, you will clean the area with warm water and soft antibacterial, and eliminate the ointment, blood and plasma, which prefers to be gently rinsed or hand with a soft cloth. Don't rub the tattoo, but dry with a soft and clean towel.


4) Apply a thin layer of tattoo care products to dry for about 10 minutes and apply thin layers of the tattoo care product, and it is like a medical ointment of light like tattoo artists and light of light like Bacitusin. Special tattoo back care products such as vitamin A & D ointment or correction ink. Do not use neopoline, this is not for tattoos. Some people know that you have an allergic feedback when you leave the ink when you leave the ink when you leave the projection and leaving the projection. I often take care of myself.


5) There is no need to sell again. During 3-5 days, new tattoos kept very clean and applied 3 to 4 eggs a day. Before applying a new ointment, you can remove the previous ointment gently and apply as much enough to brighten the skin. The main thing is not allowed for your freak. If a crust is formed, don't think about it. Please handle it yourself.


6) After 4 to 6 hours after leaving the tattoo room, wash your hands with antimicrobial soap. You will want to confirm that your hand has no dirt, bacteria and prepared.


7) Carefully remove the bandage placed on the tattoo of the living room. A slight antimicrobial soap, carefully wash the tattoo district, eliminate fat cover, ink waste, blood and so on. When you feel wet skin you know that the area is clean. It will be very soft for your skin. His dry skin-I am completely touched in the world.


8) Moisturizing ointment / healing thin layers are applied. A popular brand is recommended for holes. Tattoo ointments A & D, Neosporina, Bacitracinal. There are also Tattoo ointments products designed exclusively after postponement, including Tattoo GO, H2OCEAN APTCEAR, and TATTOOS Cream Black Cat. If you have a tattoo with a large tattoo and expensive, or you want to protect them, you may want to worry about investment.


9) Place the antimicrobial ointment / healing thin film on the tattoo on a day. You are sufficient to moisturize the tattoo region and not allowed to leave or store streaks. Your goal is only to wet the area, so do your finger by your finger by a small amount.


The problem of skin moisturizer is fading ink. If you sit on a thick paint of neosporina and continue getting wet throughout the day, you can treat for more than 2 weeks, but the ink disappears. However, if you cover the area of ​​3 to 4 times a day, it may take 2 to 3 weeks for treatment, but the color is set correctly. Learning learning does not necessarily mean healing properly.


10) Cover the tattoo district in light clothes, spacious clothes, look at your tattoo. Do not hurt or lift the tattoo! You will calmly snap the skin, use alcohol, and relax beer and stimulation.



Selection of The Tattoo

Within 3 or 4 days of skin after skin, the skin begins with a non-ordinary chip, but they are desirable. During this time, there is no high quality lotion instead of the ointment. While extending, tattoo tends to cut a bit. Do not leave the chip, choose the tattoo. Do not scrape off the skin, and do one of these damage that can cause color stains. Sometimes, while you're done, it's not the best beyond the tattoo tonight, but a blog is formed. If you concentrate a lot of work in a small area, this can not be avoided from time to time. Don't worry about it. You will fully ignite, you will be fully ignited, please call crust and peel off.


This completes after it happens when the tattoo is treated after several weeks (depends on the tattoo or tattoo). The skin may be healed, but if it is natural skin, it should not be exposed to all weather conditions itself. It is important to check the best results for keeping your Tattoo sunscreen. It is clear that these two test workers have had little influence under normal circumstances, but for example, the sun may be a very bad impact. It is very bad for your taste to put it in mind that it can be bad for ordinary skin. Follow the next easy steps, definitely ensure that clean tattoos are praised in the next few years.


Do You Have A Tattoo On Your Body?

Do you have a sustained tattoo on your body? Well, now you will need to make a full routine for tattoo after the routine, and that's beautiful and beautiful bright, and you can be aware. Tattoo courses are really important. Unfortunately, a series of people tend to ignore this part of tattoo care because it has not achieved the importance of this routine.


An incorrect tattoo pocket may be severe human beings. You can also get serious meaning on your skin. Furthermore, even if one of the best artists is paved, the wrong tattoo care can destroy your artwork completely. Since the ink can disappear and the ink can be ended and therefore, there is a serious note on the instructions of the tattoo after running next time.


They have all kinds of unique skin, and that way, you should use your correct logic to rotate this tattoo after fit your skin. For detailed guidance of the tattoo artist, you can provide you to you based on the type you use.


Eliminate Bandages


When the tattoo is completed, your artist will be shipped: Some artists are placed in surgical dressing, but others are leaning with a simple sandwich. This idea is to keep new tattoos freely and bacteria while returning from the living room.


Your tattoo is like an open scratch, and the needle is penetrating your skin, so you have a deep part and you are the same as you do when you cut need to do it. You need to make sure that there is no tattoo infection.


It keeps the bandage after at least 2 hours after the tattoo is complete. Some artists are saved for a long time, so be sure to hear carefully when the artist is notified after execution. At some point, the bandage will keep it for a long time, which sticks it to the tattoo, which may be very difficult to remove the bandage. Also, if the bandage is removed, do not put a dirty bandage. Do not go out for the bandage.


If it is difficult to get rid of the bandage, and if the bandage is moved in the design, do not pull the bandage. How nice. Wet the area and handle it very soft and use a little water to eliminate bandages. Because clouds can try, don't forget this is very important, and it may lead to color output.


Wash the Tattoo


Once the bandage is removed, the tattoo gently rins up gently under the process, wash the water and wash with microwell that does not contain antimicrobial soap and perfume. Do not broke the tattoo strongly, instead of washing the oil gel, overlook the skin, blood and plasma and keep the area clean. Dry the region with a very clean towel and do not put infect infection with invisible towels.


Place the Ointment and Lotion


After washing the tattoo area, it is necessary to apply tattoos after the ointment with an antibacterial domain drug or an ointment. A & D ointment works well for this purpose. Some artists recommend jelly oil. Place the laminar of the ointment and continue applying the ointment each time the area is dry.


One of the most important tattoo sites should always keep wet tattoos to avoid scratches, crusters. If you get itched yet, don't think about it, you can either be healed naturally or damage tattoos.


A few days later, you can change to a rare addictive solution, and sometimes you can apply it to the tattoo.


If there is no tattoo's correct moment, the tattoo dream can completely design a completely nightmare. It is small, big, big, often maintaining your tattoo, but not only maintain your health, and proper care is very important. This all announcements follow the instructions of the subsequent care and comprehensive warranty, there is potential possibilities in the body, or a new tattoo is corrupted.


Once the tattoo is realized, you are the only charge to be careful! Artists are definitely responsible for the problem. Here, infection is obtained after the tattoo.

Tattoo Aftercare Procedure


You should follow the Tattoo Aftercare Procedure to secure yourself. Then keep it clean and use a good lotion after the expressway, if necessary, keep the skin soft and bright color. Healing usually takes about 14 days to healthy people.


After treatment and tattoos, use a good solar block that is protected by sun damage because you want to protect them from sunlight. Take the tips provided by your tattoo artist and use the most efficient tattoo care products, your tattoos are great for many years for many years.


Tattoos after tasks have important importance to new health and tattoos and should not be ignored. Many people believe that seams are made, but their tattoo keys are overwhelmed from reality. The true thing is that, unless your new tattoo care is enough, you may easily fading, saturation, indicator, or scratches may be confused in your body.


But how many thousand tattoo artists, how to take care of new tattoos, it may get how old you can get. The conclusion is that no one knows what everyone works. Therefore, the best bet is to manage the agreement with special attention procedures.


Before continuing specific things, it is important to track your tattoo art artist's instructions specifically. If the instructions are displayed conflicts with this article, they always see your instructions. But if there is no instruction, it is something you need to know.

At the End


A few days later you will see your tattoo tattoo, and you can find a little in your talk in your bed. Don't fear, the tattoo does not come out! Do not pull dry skin regardless of your temptation. They fell successfully.


Another thing to remember, regardless of itching, it hurts your tattoo. Place lotions in shaft time.


Do not tattoo in water for the first three weeks. In other words, it means that there is no swimming and a long bathroom.


Your tattoo should not be exposed to direct sunlight for at least one month, and then you must cover it with the sun block. Many of the tattoos can lead to the sun.


Tracking all tattoo measurements after driving and continues to make vibrational and nice tattoos for years.

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