Inspirational Story about Friendship

by Sasindu Jayasri Author

Stay Friends Forever

In class, I am sitting next to Mareena. We both have a good laugh.

Sometimes, too, she annoys me a bit, especially when she stings my eraser or my pink pen that writes magic words. Pink is for that. Make pretty sentences that talk about fairies and magic. But best friends always fight a bit, that’s normal, mom often tells me.

And when we laugh, it’s not small laughs. It’s more like big hair, we twist in laughter on our chairs and we end up under the table so much we are folded in two. Each time, bingo, we end up with a cross on the behavior chart. The teacher, she does not laugh at all with the crosses. Each week she resets the counters to zero, and for each cross collected, ten lines must be made for the following Monday. Once, I had four crosses in the week, I stuffed myself forty lines! And not just any! The sentence was super mega long: “I won’t learn about cetaceans by laughing like a whale. “

I did not understand. And I spent all of my Sunday writing, writing, and writing again.

Since then, with Mareena , we have learned to laugh by closing our mouths. Besides, it seems to be awfully good for dominoes. Yeah, I know, we say abs. But my little brother, he says dominoes, and frankly, I think it’s better. And it’s easier to write. So as soon as you want to laugh, you close your mouth, it makes your stomach move in all directions, and it’s even funnier. The hardest part is not to giggle. Finally explode. Because otherwise, the air that was kept tightly closed in the mouth comes out suddenly with the sound of a giant fart, and there is the double cross guaranteed.

One morning, I found myself alone at my table, Mareena was ill.

I found the day long, but I still laughed a bit, when Baptiset said that Madame Gascar was an island next to Africa. The teacher does not have a lot of humor. Besides, I wonder if she has ever laughed once in her life. She said :

My little Baptiste, you will copy me ten times: “In Madagascar, there are mutinous lemurs which eat soft mangoes. “

And she gave a tiny smile, very thin, almost invisible. This is the maximum she can do. She must have something that hangs in her jaw as soon as she starts puckering her lips, because it always stops suddenly, between the constipated smile and the not very clear laugh.

Inspirational Story About Friendship

The next day, when I saw that Mareena was still away, I asked mom if I could go see her at her place. I wanted to bring her homework, but also make her laugh a little, so that she would heal faster. Mom made a funny face and told me it was better to wait a few days. I thought maybe Mareena had a contagious disease. But still, it bothered me not to see my best friend. So I asked again. This time mom sat down with me on my bed and squeezed my hands very tight. I realized that something was wrong. Something wrong.

Mom explained to me that Mareena was going to have to stay in the hospital for a while, because of an illness that I didn’t understand. Well, yes, what I understood was that my best friend wasn’t going to be back to school for a long time, and that we wouldn’t be laughing like whales anytime soon because of stupid things. .

I still had the right to go see Mareena once at the hospital. I was a little scared before seeing her again, but finally, I found that she did not look that bad. We laughed like before, even the doctors started to tell us jokes. There was even a time when I completely forgot that I was in the hospital, and that my best friend was sick. And then when leaving, Mareena took out an elephant-shaped blanket from under the sheets and handed it to me, saying:

Here, take my elephant, like that, if you want to talk to each other, even if I’m still in the hospital, you just have to talk to him, and you’ll see, he will answer you, and it will be as if I was answering you.

Mareena eventually recovered. Phew!

It took several months, but she came back to school. I’m not telling you the bread and butter of lessons she had to catch up on. It was more of a sandwich, it was an XXL mega super kebab.

Mom finally told me the name of the disease that Mareena had had, a real barbaric name. Just saying it, I swear, it makes you feverish. There must be diseases like that that you get just by trying to pronounce their name correctly. it stings the throat, it makes you cough, stammer, wince, sneeze. Stop!

I’m writing it to you anyway, but I’m warning you, it will be the only serious thing in this story: acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Suffice to say that I renamed it the disease of the “plastic rabbit”, it’s simpler, and then a plastic rabbit, for those who have never met one, it’s a bit of a “Bugs”. Bunny ”who would take himself for a garden gnome, so it’s really serious, he must be treated immediately!

Since then, with Mareena , we have resumed our laughter games, and when we argue, I immediately think back to this long period when she was not there and immediately, we become friends again.

~Sasindu Jayasri

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Inspirational Stories about Friendship

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