Insane Ways How Sleep Will Make You Lose Weight Without Gym

by Kristen White Blogger
Are you struggling hard to reach your fitness goals? Perhaps you’re stuck on a strict diet and working with a trainer without success in reaching your ideal clothes size. It’s high time you changed your tactics to reach your fitness success. Have you ever thought about a program without investing in new exercise equipment or going with the latest fad diet? The chances are high that you’re having trouble shedding off those excess stones because you don’t get enough sleep. This is the trick to help you slip down and get your dream shape. Read on to understand how to sleep your way to a good figure.

Poor sleep sabotages a diet

Information regarding how losing weight is just a matter of eating less and jogging more is everywhere. Well, sleeping less than 7 hours might undo all the benefits of less eating and exercise for your weight loss program. Research in the Annals of Internal Medicine revealed that dieters who get more sleep have higher chances of losing fat that sleep-deprived ones. Good sleep makes one feel fuller and more satisfied after meals and encourages less snacking leading to weightless.

Adjusting metabolism

Are you powering yourself through the day with coffee after getting less sleep? Well, this isn’t the right way to go for your body especially for the hormones controlling metabolism and insulin production. A few nights without good sleep leads to a drop in the body’s ability to control insulin. This results in the storage of fat cells leading to liver damage and diabetes. Avoiding metabolism adjustment requires getting quality sleep to allow the body process to function properly. 

Less cravings

It requires willpower and persistence to control unhealthy cravings. The body depends on leptin and ghrelin to induce hunger. When you have poor sleep, the body reduces leptin production leading to burning less fat. Additionally, poor sleep increases ghrelin production that encourages craving for more food. This isn’t a good idea to encourage your weight loss program. Since poor sleep might be resulting from sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress, it’s highly recommended to buy a quality foam mattress online in Dubai for better sleep.

Poor sleep quality encourages wacky hormone production making your body struggle knowing that you’ve eaten enough. This explains why you might find yourself craving for fatty comfort foods like pizza and ice cream after sleeping less. Sleeping on a new mattress will give you better sleep making you feel less hungry. Good sleep encourages appropriate hormone production lessening chances of depression and anxiety.

Poor work out

Apart from promoting unhealthy eating habits, poor sleep inhibits the ability to exercise and stay in shape. Without good sleep, you’re likely to struggle feeling well rested. This significantly lowers natural energy levels and wrecking your exercise motivation. Another negative impact of poor sleep is unbalanced cortisol levels. This hormones increases stress and inhibits the body’s production of the growth hormone. The need to lessen stress might make you turn to comfort foods leading to fat build up. You’re likely to be less motivation to maintain a workout routine.

How a quality bed promotes weight loss

According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, sleep deprivation is more likely to promote weight gain compared to sleeping seven hours. This makes it imperative to get enough rest to stay fit and healthy. The trick to sleeping better requires investing in a quality mattress. The high level of comfort and sleep support of a new mattress will make you wake up more refreshed and recharged the next day. You’ll be in a better position to exercise and lose weight.

Other benefits of quality sleep

 Lowers stress
 Improved memory
 Curbs inflammation
 Promotes creativity
 Sharpens attention
 Lessens depression

Bottom line

Quality sleep is essential for overall health and general wellbeing. It has various benefits including improving your weight loss program. One of the best ways to enjoy quality sleep is investing in a quality mattress. With a variety of mattress options on the market, memory foam is the best choice to give you improved sleep. This allows sleeping in a cool, comfortable, and protected environment. Luckily, you can purchase a new mattress online from a reputable brand with perks such as 100night sleep trial with free shipping and returns.

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