Influencer Marketing: What’s With All the Hype?

by Tina Anderson Tech Junkie Marketer

Social media has garnered attention from brands all over the world as a new tool of advertising. Brands are turning to social media to market their products and services, that allows them to increase their brand awareness with little investment. By becoming an ultimate marketing tool for brands, social media packs a ton of benefits. Social media platforms have now switched from just being sites where people socialize with their acquaintances, to becoming one of the most cost-effective marketing resources.

Allow us to spruce things up a bit. Did you know? Around 96% of marketers engage in social media marketing. However, 85% of these marketers end up using the wrong tools, which inevitably leads to failure. For brands, it is crucial to know which strategy will help them reap the most benefits through social media marketing. Have you ever heard of influencer marketing? It’s a marketing tactic that further enhances the norms of social and digital marketing. Influencer marketing combines the use of social media with celebrity endorsement and provides brands an opportunity to ‘influence’ their potential customer’s buying behavior. Therefore, convincing consumers to buy a product via influencers falls under the category of ‘subconscious marketing’.

Influencer marketing was underestimated, until 2017. As it grew more and more, marketers began spending on it heftily. Instagram, relative to other platforms, is the most used platform for influencer marketing. In 2018, sponsored posts were posted 3.7 million times on Instagram, while in 2019, the volume of these posts is estimated to reach 4.95 million. Brands opt for influencers because they humanize their presence, and allow them to communicate their message to consumers effectively. Unlike, traditional marketing, influencer marketing is a bit less direct. However, if advertisers pull it off well, there is no better way to connect with consumers than leveraging its potential.

What exactly is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing, just as the name suggests, allows brands to ‘influence’ consumers to purchase a certain product or service. Let’s understand this with a quick example: when Motorola decided to launch the new Moto Mods , the brand decided to tap their target audience compellingly. Moto Mods’ target audience was young adults. Upon finding out its target audience spent most of their time using YouTube, the brand got around 13 influencers in the loop.

All the influencers were famous YouTubers. Collaborating with them allowed Motorola to develop an awareness drive that focused on marketing Moto Mods to its designated target audience. Each influencer came up with one video where Moto Mods’ unique uses were featured. All the videos created by the influencers managed to bag a whopping 11.6 million views on YouTube and 38.1 million impressions. On the other hand, MotoMods’ website got 122,000 clicks, out of which 80,000 were from new-visitors. Saw how the ‘influencing’ mechanism worked?

Influencer marketing is the perfect strategy through which brands can get their message across to a wider consumer base. Not only that, it has many other benefits and few of them are listed below.

1.     Enhances brand awareness

Brands strive for ‘reach’ and better ‘positioning’. Influencers can help brands expand their reach and enhance their presence among potential customers online. Plus, seeing their favorite influencers discussing a brand along with its features, consumers are driven to buy that brand so they can experience all the features for themselves.

2.     Makes Reaching the Target Audience, effortless

Brands spend heftily over advertising that allows them to reach the right target audience effectively. When brands designate influencers to market their content, it becomes effortless for them to reach their target audience in record time. [IU2] 

3.     Enhances your brand’s content strategy

Keeping up with content is what keeps brands, content. 

Not trying to sound typically profound, but straightforward. For a brand, ‘content’ is everything. Content strategy is something that receives a pretty substantial investment from brands all over the world. With influencer marketing at hand, strategizing content and ensuring there’s always enough of it, becomes easy. If brands are running behind on their content-posting schedules, with influencers they can overcome the dilemma.

4.     Increases Conversions

With influencers, brands increase their visibility and it paves way for increased conversions to happen. Whether your brand is mentioned by the influencers in an image, blog or video; one thing is guaranteed, your page or website will ultimately experience an increase in traffic. Thus, you can turn your visitors into customers just like that!

The Final Word

Influencer marketing is something that keeps both the sides – the brand and the influencer – very satisfied. Startups and renowned brands are adapting to this new marketing tool, for it allows them to create better brand awareness. So, if you’re planning to embark on an entrepreneurial journey yourself, get a high-speed internet connection along with a few reliable influencers to help you reach out to your target audience and a whole lot of creativity. Because, what’s better than embracing the new trends, right?

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