Industrial Fryer: 4 Precautions You Must Follow When Using Them

by milton ferrara CEO

An industrial fryer is one of the best equipment you can have in your business, but also one of the most dangerous if it is not used correctly and the necessary safety measures are not taken when handling hot oil. Remember to get your high quality kitchen equipments at Schaumburg Specialties.

The oil used in an industrial deep fryer can reach temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This can cause dangerous burns to the operator.

Don't Mix Different Types Of Oil In Your Industrial Deep Fryer

In general, when food is processed, oils are mixed and processed in many ways. Vegetable oil is usually a mixture of various oils. However, these oils are thoroughly tested before being released to the market.

Now, when oils are mixed arbitrarily, it can cause problems of chemical compatibility between them. In addition, the taste of food can be altered. Therefore, try not to mix oils; especially if you are not an expert.

On the other hand, you have to be very careful with the smoking point. That is the point at which oil begins to smoke or catch fire. Since most industrial fryers reach a maximum heating temperature of 375 ° F, it is best if the oil's smoke point does not exceed 400 ° F.

Do Not Add New Oil To A Used One

Every time you reuse oil, it begins to destabilize, until it breaks down. How do you know that the oil is broken? The oil changes its consistency; it becomes thicker and more rubbery. Also, it gets darker.

On the other hand, each oil has a different boiling point. When one of the oils you mix begins to burn, toxic substances are formed.

Dry Foods Thoroughly Before Placing Them In The Industrial Deep Fryer

When the water comes in contact with very hot oil, at about 350 ° F, it instantly vaporizes and turns into superheated vapour. The water expands rapidly, which can lead to oil splashes, risk of burns and other injuries.

In this sense, you must remove excess water from the food before frying, to avoid splashing oil. Also, when placing and removing food from the fryer, be sure to use tongs or a long fork to avoid burns.

Do Not Exceed The Limits Established In Your Industrial Fryer

Fryers have a temperature limit that must be observed. If you cook at too high a temperature, you can also compromise the unit. To achieve satisfactory results, process food at a temperature of 325 to 375 F.

With the right temperature, you will increase oil performance and last longer. Also, you will reduce operating costs.

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