Indian Red Chilli Exporters Approaching The World To Import It More

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Portuguese brought red chilli from South America to India. India is now world’s largest consumer, producer and exporter of chilli. Red chillies are grown across 792,000 hectares of Land in India, which includes Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. Every year, over 1,376,000 tons of chilli produced in India. Indian red dry chilli exporters exports 22% of all the spices from India. The crops of red chilli planted in August and September and harvested in March and April.

Varieties of Chillies in India:

India is growing several varieties of red chilli, particularly in South. Chillies are used either dried or fresh and green for cooking. These can be verifying as;
1. Dhani
2. Byadgi
3. Goan
4. Kanthari
5. Mulaku Chilli
6. Jwala
7. Indian hot green chilli
8. Guntur Red
9. Ramnad Mundu
10. Curd Chilli
11. Naga Jolokia
12. Punjab Puya
13. Nellore
14. Reshampatti
15. Shimla Mirch
16. Serrano
17. Tomato Chilli
18. Dried Vathals
19. Yellow Chilli
20. Kashmiri Mirch 

These chillies are available in different colour, shapes and sizes in India. Some chillies are intensely hot in taste and some are mild. Some chillies are very much famous in India like Kashmiri Mirch. It has very short supply in India; it gives a good taste to food which raise its demand. Indian chilli exporters have only 30% to export because 70% of chilli has been use consumed domestically in India.

Remedy for extinguishing its taste:

Most of the chillies are very hot, some are mild and some are sweet in taste. Eating chillies can cause burning sensation to the food. Drinking water is an effective way to extinguish the burning sensation and also intensify it. Yoghurt and milk have accompanies with some Indian dishes because they eliminates the capacinoids which create the burning sensation in the chilli. Chilli in India sustained the production and market share of it. India is the only country that has wide range of buyer.

Other uses of chilli except cooking:

Indian chillies have many other uses except cooking. It can be uses as confectionary cosmetics, farm protection, paint manufacturing, self-defense weapons, liquor and pharmaceuticals. It also have some health benefits act in diarrhoea, heart attack, numbness, capsaicin, diabetes, fight inflammation, loose weight, sinus prevention, fight migraine, prevent sound sleep. Fresh chillies in India have rich vitamin-C, which helps to develop immune system and protect from scurvy. It also has other vitamins like pyridoxine, thiamine and riboflavin. The capsaicin compound is medically used for preparation of ointment and also used arthritic pain and sore muscles. It acts like a anti-bacterial, analgesic and anti-carcinogenic. Chillies have some minerals like potassium, manganese, iron, etc which helps to maintain good heart rate and blood pressure.

The pest management of Indian red chilli is approaching the ecological which is helping to control the usage of pesticides in chilli farming. Indian chillies are popular in the world because India is farming most varieties of chillies.

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