India – Safest Place for Gastric Band Weight Loss Surgery

by Larry Oshiola Medical Consultant

Bariatric Surgery

Obesity prevalence is the highest it has ever been and weight loss surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, is now one of the most common interventions to which obese individuals turn. It is a permanent solution to morbid obesity. With weight loss surgery, you reduce the risk of potentially life-threatening problems like diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure.

Types of Bariatric Surgery

There are numerous approaches to bariatric sugary, but all procedures are either malabsorptive, restrictive or a mixture of the two. Malabsorptive approaches normally result in more weight reduction than restrictive methods. These approaches change the way our digestive device works. These procedures are commonly referred to as “gastric pass” techniques. Restrictive procedures significantly lessen the size of the stomach to hold much less food, however, the digestive function stays intact. This kind of procedure can be known as a “gastric stapling” procedure.

Gastric Band in India

Gastric banding, as an alternative known by brand name lap band, is a restrictive bariatric surgical procedure which aims to facilities weight reduction by limiting the capacity of the stomach to hold food. By choosing to have your lap band surgery in India, you can look forward to spending just a fraction of the US prices. If you’re considering gastric banding, rest assured: Indian weight loss surgeons have completed thousands of successful, safe weight loss surgeries for happy clients. They follow all safe medical procedures and are always there to assist patients with information about any concerns they may have.

Cost of Gastric Band in India

India is a perfect destination for gastric band surgery many patients are surprised to hear that the cost of gastric band surgery in India is less than they thought. A quick comparison of gastric band package prices applicable in India with the average prices charged in America you can easily enjoy savings as high as 70%. In addition to cost savings, you can look forward to getting treated by a highly proficient weight loss surgeon in India. With low-cost gastric band surgery in India, it doesn’t really mean that you get a compromised quality on healthcare services. However, the quality remains par to the quality evident in the developed nations in the west. So, with Indian hospitals, the bariatric surgical procedure comes along with excellent and affordability factors.

Success Rate of Gastric Band in India

Gastric banding surgery in India is commonly performed because of its high success rate. This procedure usually leads to a loss of about 45% to 55% of excess weight. As an instance, someone who’s 100 kilos obese would possibly expect to lose about 35 to 45 kilos after gastric banding. However, outcomes vary widely. The process can be reversed if required, and in time, the stomach normally returns to its normal size. According to a patient survey, 95.55% of patients would recommend gastric banding surgery in India.

Why choose India for Bariatric Surgery?

Huge cost savings: This is the most obvious and one of the most significant advantages to be had by going across the border for gastric band surgery in India. To many, it’s quite unbelievable that the same obesity surgery with the same quality can be had at half of the cost just by traveling for some hours.

Proximity: Gastric surgery in India is a very attractive option as traveling to India presents no problems at all in terms of the money or time required to travel.

Board-certified gastric band surgeons and accredited hospitals: If India’s cost advantage was not accompanied by quality comparable to US healthcare, it wouldn’t be the booming medical tourism destination that it is today. That said exercise caution in the selection of the right gastric band surgeon and hospital in India.

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