Improve Soil Quality With 100% Natural Organic Worm Castings For Better Growth


For growers who want to achieve the best results, soil quality is everything. Worm castings are an effective and organic solution for improving your soil.

With the new products from Simple Grow, you can get all the worm castings you need to supplement your plant growth!

Simple Grow are the producers and suppliers of worm castings for 100% organic soil improvement and natural fertilization. Options are available in a variety of sizes to suit yards of all types and are also available in bulk for farms and commercial use.

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Worm castings are the product of worm digestion. Worms digest the plant material they ingest and concentrate the nutrients in their castings. They are supplied as dry, odorless granules that aerate and add structure to the soil.

They are also a rich source of plant growth hormones, which ensures that worm casting treated soils promote rapid growth and ensure stronger, healthier plants. They are also a rich source of friendly soil bacteria and help add nitrogen to the soil without any need for chemical fertilizers.

According to Simple Grow, worm castings are the most potent soil supplement available. This makes them cost effective as a little goes a long way. Unlike many fertilizers they will not burn plant roots and it is impossible to overuse.

They are also 100% organic so can be safely used by organic growers and commercial producers to enhance organic fruit and vegetable crops. Worm castings are available to buy online from Simple Grow in a range of four pack sizes. For commercial applications or customers with large gardens, bulk 1-ton sacks are also available.

If you prefer a liquid plant food, the worm castings tea kit can be used to convert solid worm castings into liquid plant food. Worm casting tea can be sprayed on to the ground or directly onto plants to cover a larger area than is possible with the solid form of worm castings.

It is also possible to purchase live worms together with packs of worm food. These can be added to compost piles to accelerate composting or used as natural soil improvers and enhance the worm population in gardens.

You can find out more on the link above!

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