Improve Heat Pump Efficiency with Heat Pump Service in Christchurch

by Chillwell Refrigeration Heating and Refrigeration expertise
Having to pay for unnecessary heat pump repairs isn’t high on anyone’s to-do list, that’s why thinking ahead with heat pump maintenance is so important. The greatest time to end a problem is before it arises.

Your heat pump will be running hard this time of year to keep you comfortable. Routine heat pump maintenance with heat pump professionals can solve any current problems and analyze and address any problems that could otherwise lead to heat pump repair.

Annual heat pump maintenance is as important as getting the oil changed in your car. You wouldn’t go years on end without getting an oil change – the same rule applies to heat pump maintenance. 

As with any mechanical system, there are a number of things that should be tested so they don’t create problem and the Christchurch heat pump professionals examine all those moving fragments to ensure they aren’t moving toward a breakdown. Professionals who provide Heat Pump Service in Christchurch inspects every moving piece of your system, even your wiring, to guarantee that everything is running as it should.

There is also a simple thing that you can do as a homeowner to keep your heat pump operating properly throughout the year: check your air filter. Frequently inspecting and keeping up with swapping your air filter is a vital task to keep your system working correctly, avoiding unexpected heat pump repair.
A dirty air filter confines airflow and creates extra strain on your heat pump to keep up with your thermostat. This will not only lower your heat pump’s efficiency, it can also reduce the life of your system by creating additional wear and tear. Another thing to remember is your indoor air quality. All of the air in your home passes through your air filter. If your filter is filthy, so is your air.

The prolonged a problem goes ignored, the more destruction it can do. If you don’t get regular heating maintenance, your heat pump can start to lose its efficiency. The pump can clog and different parts can start to break down. The slower the air moves and the more the pump works to get the air through, the more energy it uses. Unfortunately, this only gets worse over time, as the clogs get worse or the parts deteriorate further, and this in turn costs you more and more money.

Not only does your air efficiency get worse without heat pump service and maintenance, but eventually, it will break entirely, leaving you to deal with emergency heat pump system repair. This is often a costly and inconvenient prospect, so it is usually cheaper and simpler to clean or repair small things to prevent larger damage. This doesn’t just apply to the heat pump itself, either. Certain heat pump issues can cause damage to the area around the unit. For example, it might start leaking water that can harm the floors and anything around it.

So, improve efficiency of your heat pump with Heat Pump Service in Christchurch.

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