Improve Customer Experience Using Payment Gateways

by Sahil Verma SIFIPAY

For customers, the presence of an online payment gateway on an online retail website ensures a safe purchasing experience. This gives the buyer confidence that the digits they enter into the system will be encrypted and processed by the authorised party. Once that transaction is completed, the digits will no longer exist in the system, leaving no entry point or window of opportunity for online hackers.

Because payment gateways enable instant order fulfilment, the experience translates to satisfaction for online customers. When customers use a credit card or a bank routing number to purchase items online, the order can be processed almost immediately. Once the transaction is completed and the customer receives a confirmation email, the customer knows that the wheels are in motion and the item will be delivered within a few days.

The ability to process orders instantly contrasts sharply with older methods of placing orders, which typically involved sending checks or money orders via snail mail. Orders handled in this manner may take days or weeks to arrive in the mail on the seller's end, resulting in shipments taking weeks or months to arrive on the customer's doorstep. Payment gateways have reduced arrival wait times to a fraction of what they were 20 years ago.

Payment gateways also make it extremely easy for customers to make purchases. Prior to the availability of online payment gateways, online and long-distance customers had to send checks through the mail or print and mail order forms containing sensitive credit card data. Such methods typically required trips to the bank and then the post office, turning the entire process of purchasing long-distance into a multi-step process. Customers could fax an order to the seller in some cases, but this would entail lengthy wait times and risky data transfers.

Most significant advantages of payment gateways

One of the most significant advantages of payment gateways for customers is the ability to purchase anything from the comfort of a stationary or mobile computing device. With millions of consumers worldwide surfing the internet on smartphones and tablets, it only makes sense for e-commerce sites to provide a way for customers to purchase items remotely, from any location, with a few simple clicks. Customers who have their data stored on their smartphones only need a few field-entry prompts to complete a purchase from the comfort of their own home, restaurant, park, aeroplane, or bus.

Payment gateways enable people with limited disposable income to take advantage of low-cost deals on computing products that would otherwise be out of reach. Many of today's college-age youth, for example, have little money to spend on smartphones and laptop computers, but they require these devices to communicate with friends and complete assignments. They can buy fancy items that are simply too expensive at the nearest department store by shopping online. Payment gateways also make it easier for people in this age group to find low-cost fashion apparel and footwear.

Increase Sales

Payment gateways make it easier for sellers to increase sales and expand their businesses into new markets in a short period of time. Furthermore, the cost of running a business is significantly reduced because you no longer need to operate from a physical storefront. Because the internet is global, you can reach far more customers than you ever could from that storefront, allowing you to penetrate territories that you might never even visit in person.

Payment gateways also facilitate easy record keeping, which is essential when operating a business on such a large scale as the global marketplace. Each transaction generates a digital receipt that is signed by both the customer and the seller, allowing you to digitally archive all of your sales on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can track your company's progress quarterly and annually, identify your most popular items, and identify the best times of year to emphasise promotions.

Payment gateways also remove the clutter and confusion from order tracking, making it a smooth and simple process. When a transaction is approved by the system, you are notified of the sale, which includes a digital receipt with the buyer's shipping information. Then you simply package the order or delegate that task to the in-house team or a third-party shipping company. Depending on how long it takes for packages to arrive at the customer's location, the product should be in their hands in a matter of days.

Payment gateways have effectively aided in the growth of e-commerce, bringing more consumers online to search and compare prices on everyday and luxury items. Customers can find bargains on expensive products and compare different brands and sellers to find the best options thanks to this diverse pool of options. Consumers have more money for luxury purchases when they save money on everyday household items, which fuels the online marketplace.

Provide Security and Peace of Mind to Merchants

Customers can fully enjoy online shopping and all of the variety and options that the internet brings to the public thanks to payment gateways. The online marketplace continues to grow as more sellers and buyers move their businesses online. When you consider the increased consumer trust in online retailers, the impact of payment gateways cannot be overstated.

The best payment gateway function makes it easier for sellers to set up shop online from millions of locations all over the world. Customers benefit from a much broader range of product options because they can find items online that are not available locally or domestically in any catalogue or storefront. A product made in one country that is not typically exported internationally or overseas can be easily purchased by someone halfway around the world.

There is never any doubt about the legitimacy of a payment when using payment gateways. A sale is only authorised after the credit card number has been validated and funds have been transferred from the customer's account to yours. As a result, you will never be perplexed about the payment details of a given sale. When you package an order and ship it to a customer, you can be confident that the funds have been deposited into your account.

Payment gateways also make bookkeeping a lot easier. You can easily calculate your annual earnings when it comes time to file your taxes. No more perplexing paperwork, time-consuming inventory, sloppy math, or any other issues that could raise auditors' suspicions. Furthermore, because digital records are easily organised, these tasks are simple to understand and complete on time.

With payment gateways, you can assure your customers that shopping on your site is safe, secure, and simple. By doing so, you are contributing to a positive trend that is propelling global e-commerce growth. As more regular web users are compelled to make more online purchases, they will recommend the activity to their friends and family, effectively fuelling the trend even further.

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