Important Turf Services For Your Lawn’s Good Health

by Noah White01 Marketing

The process of installing a turf is really lengthy with so many processes and steps involved in the same. There are several turf services to avail and experts say that without including them in the procedure, things will become harder and harder. There are several turf services in terms of installing the turf and here in this article, we have covered some of them.

Know Your Turf

Before availing turf services Sydney, it is very important that you understand the turf that you are willing to install in the lawn. There is a wide range of turfs available in the markets and based on the soil type, you can get one installed. Apart from the soil type, the climate condition as well as your willingness to maintain the turf will also play a huge role. Based on these considerations, you can choose one of the following turfs for your property.

Warm Season Grasses

·         Bermuda Grass

·         Zoysia Grass

·         Kikuyu Grass

·         Paspalum Vaginatum

·         Centipede Grass

·         Dichondra

·         St. Augustine Grass

·         Bahia Grass

·         Carpet Grass

·         Buffalo Grass

Cool-Season Grasses

·         Blue Grass

·         Rye Grasses

·         Bent Grasses

·         Fine Fescue

·         Tall Fescue

Lawn Care And Maintenance

We have mentioned different turfs and a fact about them is that they have different requirements in terms of maintenance, look after and overall care. Here in this segment, we will be covering some very common lawn care and maintenance steps as recommended by the professionals and reputed turf suppliers.

Very Light Raking

According to the experts, you should rake up the lawn very lightly in the beginning of the spring season, as this allows sunlight to penetrate through the patches of the grass and spread up the process of growth. 


Experts also recommend aerating the soil in case, heavy or light thatch is present there in the soil. It can be easily managed with the help of aerating that has to be done on the basis of the amount of thatch present there.

For Cool-Season Grass Types: 


Expert turf suppliers recommend flushing as the best solution for cool season turfs as this reduces the chances of turfs getting damaged due to pets or weather conditions. This flushing should be done with water as soon as the soil thaws to leach away salts from the roots.


Fertiliser application is also very important for cool season turfs and you should use the right brand of fertiliser as recommended by the turf supplier or the installation expert.


Mowing is also recommended by the experts of turf services and in terms of mowing, experts say that the grass should be left slightly shorter than normal. 

For Warm-Season Grass Types:


For warm season turfs too, mowing is recommended and experts say that this should be done early in the spring season and in the mid-spring, you can mow at normal heights. You can allow clipping to decompose right there in the lawn as this will make the soil richer in nutrients and more fertile too.


As far as watering is concerned, the habit of watering like in the summer season should be developed right from the spring season. Experts recommend watering early in the morning and not in any other part of the day. The lawn should get about 1 to 1 ¼ inches of moisture a week (including rain).

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