Importance of Stool Tests

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A stool analysis can be defined as a succession of tests done on a sample of stool or feces to help the doctor(s) make a diagnosis of particular health-related issues that adversely have been affecting your digestive system. These issues might range from infections (inclusive of a range from parasites to viruses and/or bacteria), to deficient nutrient absorption, to major diseases like cancer. Let us take a little example to explain on this further for those who might not be much acquainted with the process of Stool Testing.

Let us consider a man going into the doctor’s chamber and that he is asked by the doctor about the length of time that he has been having a stomach upset or if he has fever, and finds out that symptoms might be caused by a food-borne disease; the doctor might just ask the patient to take a stool test. However, a stool analysis is usually prescribed in case of diarrhea in which the situation is such that the patient’s stool might be associated with bleeding and/or has lasted for more than a period of three days. In case you need Stool Analysis and you reside in Victoria, there are plenty of stool test labs are available.

Different Types of Stool Tests

Foecal occult Blood Test: This stool test is used for testing if a person has a possibility of bowel cancer which can be found through traces of blood in the feces. In case there is a presence of blood in the stool, one might have to go through other series of tests

Stool Culture: This is done to test and/or verify if a patient has bacteria or viruses that might cause diarrhea. It is also used to find out if a person has Helicobacter Pylori bacteria which cause stomach ulcer and stomach cancer.

How is Stool Collected?

In order to collect stool, it might not be necessary for a professional to collect stool, rather; the patient or his family can do it. Here’s how you should collect your stool specimen

•    Firstly, wear a pair of gloves made from latex to collect feces.
•    Next, wash your hands well.
•    At times, in case of patients suffering from diarrhea, particularly in case of infants and/or small children, the patient is unable to predict bowel movement. In such case(s); a lid which looks like a hat is made up of plastic, is used to collect the specimen of your stool. The gadget used for gathering the specimen can be swiftly positioned over either the toilet bowl or your bottom in order that you may collect the specimen. This device can enable you to avert spoilation of the collected specimen either via water or via dirt or via both.

•    Moreover, one can easily collect stool sample by insertion of a loose plastic wrap around the edge of the toilet, and under the toilet-seat. After you have collected sample, put it in a hygienic, closed vessel before taking it to the test center to have it tested.

Importance of Having A Stool Test

Stool Tests are necessary for multiple reasons. Although normally, stool or metabolic waste is considered; as termed ‘waste’! However, for doctors, stool or feces can reveal a lot of things about a particular patient’s health.  Following are some of the benefits/ importance of why a doctor prescribes Stool Test:

Firstly, The Test enables the doctor to identify diseases related to digestive system.

Secondly,  to find out symptoms of pancreatic diseases.

Thirdly, to find out if a person is suffering from colon cancer, by examination of hidden blood in the feces.

Fourthly, to find out if there is a presence of Pinworms or parasites in the patient’s body.

There are many other reasons for having a stool test, but have you tried Alelle Microbiome, if you are looking for centers of Stool Analysis in Victoria

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