Importance of Professional Service in Fixing Gas Fireplaces

by Robert Morgan airzonehvac

Nothing can match the level of happiness and relaxation when you are staying warm and comfortable and sipping some hot chocolate on a cold winter's day. However, this coziness can only be experienced if you have a working fireplace at home. 

That being said, if you fail to look after your fireplace often enough—especially a gas fireplace services in Ottawa, you can land into some serious trouble. Here are some signs that indicate your fireplace needs quick maintenance. 

1: Pilot light issues

Just like in the case of a gas furnace, there's a pilot light built into a gas fireplace too. Usually, your fireplace's manufacturer has all the instructions for you about troubleshooting the pilot light if something goes wrong.

Despite following the step-by-step instructions, if your pilot light refuses to stay lit, it's a sign of a potentially more serious problem. 

2: A rotten egg smell

If you smell anything like rotten eggs around your fireplace, it means that there is some very serious issue with your fireplace system. If you hear a hissing sound or witness anything out of the ordinary, it's an indication of a gas leak. 

The reason you can smell anything is due to mercaptan, a harmless chemical that is added to natural gas, which gives it a smell of rotten egg or hydrogen sulfide.

If you sense any signs of a gas leak, stop all your activities can evacuate the home immediately. Don't try to fix the problem by yourself, or smoke, light matches, or even switch on any light switches. Go outside and call the emergency number for assistance. 

3. Too much soot

Unlike wood-burning fireplaces, soot buildup is not really a good sign of a healthy gas fireplace in Ottawa. On the contrary, it means that there's something very wrong, especially if you witness soot on the glass doors. 

This is usually caused because of the buildup in the logs, fireplace interior, or outside venting. If soot is what you can see right now, then it is best to hire a professional service to solve the problem. 

4. Wear and tear

Gas fireplaces in Ottawa, ON, being a mechanical unit, requires frequent maintenance just like every other HVAC system. Components tend to wear out, especially when you operate the gas fireplace between periods of no use to very high use in a span of a year.

5. It switches on and off

This is one of the most common signs of gas fireplace malfunctioning and certainly the most difficult to solve without the help of a professional service. This problem can be caused due to multiple reasons:

  • The mill volt generator generally installed in the path of the pilot light is old and worn out. 

  • The pilot light area has developed dirt and carbon.

  • There's too much breeze coming down the chimney.      

  • The burner has developed jamming issues. 


Gas fireplaces in Ottawa, ON, are an integral part of any home system. No matter what problem arises in relation to gas fireplaces, it is best to consult a professional service for help.

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