Importance of Oral Health & the Necessity of a Visit to the Local Dentist

by Allen Rose Doctor
Oral health is something that is important and affects all people of ages, races, sex and status. Moreover, mouth being an entrée or a gateway to the whole body because of the food that is consumed through the mouth; affects the human health as a whole. Having said that, in a recent research it has been found that the human mouth is home to six billion bacteria (which is more than the human population that exists all across the world. These bacteria may cause oral infections which in turn affect the general health inn the body. Whether 8 or 80 your Oral Health is the essence of the well-being of the health of the human being as a whole.  Today dental car and dentistry is so very improved that dental problems are of no major concern all you need to do is surf the net typing ‘dentist near me’ and getting yourself the necessary dental aid.

There are plenty of oral health problems which might not only require a visit to dentist but also an emergency treatment. Therefore, apart from brushing, flossing and having a controlled habitual diet, a regular visit to the local dentist (say once or twice in every six months) might be able to keep your dental health in its proper place.

The following article is to provide a gist of the health problems that arise out of bad oral health and the importance of a periodical visit to the dentist.

Some Diseases Arising out of Dental /issues

Cardiovascular Ailments: In case a person’s gums are inflamed due to the bacteria which cause periodontal disease, there are chances that this same microbe might just enter into the bloodstream thereby causing the buildup of plaque causing arteries to harden. This hardening of the arteries is called Artherosclerosis.

Dementia: Another result of poor oral health is dementia which affects the brain. Certain substances that are release from the gums affected by infection have the capability of killing the brain cells thereby causingloss of memory. Dementia as well as Alzheimer’s disease can result from Gingivitis during the spreading of the bacteria into the nerve channels or into the bloodstream

Respiratory Problems: The respiratory system might also be adversely affected due to poor oral health. The bacteria (pathogens) that are in the mouth as a result of infected teeth might be breathed into the lungs or might travel into the same through the bloodstream. This leads to respiratory infections like pneumonia, bronchitis, COPD; etc.

Infertility in Women: We often treat oral health with the least importance, but it should be seriously noted that poor oral health might also cause infertility in women. It has been researched and found that in instances when women have poor or bad oral health, there are great possibilities of them becoming pregnant. All the more hocking is that Gingivitis, is often responsible in the above mentioned problems related to a woman’s infertility.

Having mentioned all the above, a regular visit to the local dentist might just save you the trouble of spending huge sums of money on trying to heal the aforementioned ailments. Now,   if you are thinking, “where can I find a Dentist Near Me in Snellville?”, do try and contact The Snellville Dentists who over the years have gained much repute for the  service.

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