Importance of Microbiome for Our Good Health

by Kriben Govender Health Advisor
Do you have any idea of how microbiome looks like in your body? These trillions of microorganisms have different types and are mainly found in small and large intestines. They help in smooth metabolic activities of the body.  Every person has their own unique microbiota which is determined with their DNA.  An infant first gets exposed to microbiome through its mother’s breast milk.

The microbiota contains microbes which are helpful as well as harmful.  In healthy body both good and bad microbiome coexists without any problem but if there is an imbalance then it may result in infections and illness.

Facts about Gut Microbiota

  • It plays an important role in our body functioning
  • If we weight our total microbiome then it can go up to 2 kg
  • These are made up of trillions of cells including bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Most of the microbes resides in the gut 
  • Microorganisms living inside the gastrointestinal tract contain around 4 pounds of biomass. 
  • Every person has their unique microbiota 
  • Microbiomes are essential for nutrition and immunity, and affect your behavior.  

How Microbiota Are Beneficial For You?

Microbiomes are beneficial for stimulating the immune system by breaking down the potential toxic food compounds and synthesizing specific type of vitamins and amino acids like vitamin K and B.  The microbiota is used in various parts of body functioning and have direct link with the following diseases:-

  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Autism
  • Colitis
  • Eczema
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Heart diseases
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Malnutrition

Stool Test to Check Your Gut Microbiome

When your doctor recommends for stool test, it means they want to check a number of things in the results. These can include overgrowth of parasites, fungi and bacteria or inflammation and evidence of leaky gut. The tests can also find the reason behind incomplete digestion of starches, fats or proteins.  The Probiotics Specialist in Australia prescribes tests to measure stool pH and molecules linked with healthy immune response as well as short-chain fatty acids linked with a healthy gut.

If you are conscious about your gut health then you can go for this test without any prescription and get the current status of your gut microbiome.  There are many specialist laboratories that provide the stool test services and advice to improvise your gut health.  These laboratories are backed by qualified Probiotics Specialists in Australia that help you in knowing the condition of your gut with effective treatments.

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