Importance of education in society

by Rohit Sharma Internet Marketer

Education a significant job in the life of each person. It is a formal process of learning, without this, a person can’t get far in life. whether he is a small child, teen, youngster or an adult, education is vital for everyone.

What is education?

The process of facilitating learning or the acquisition of human skills, knowledge, values-ethics, beliefs & habits is termed as ‘education’.

Many of the people have their superficial concept of education. They relate it with gaining of a particular degree or pursuing a course. But this wrong! In fact, education is what helps to acquire new social & moral skills and knowledge that impacts our social, moral, physical as well as mental development in life.

It has an immense impact on human society too. It has a major role & is highly important in today’s society. Likewise, we need oxygen to survive on the earth, in the same way, education is also needed to live & flourish our life.

Without education, a human should not be rationale to differentiate between what is good or bad for them.

Education is an essential and indispensable need to live in this modern world. It contributes to several factors some of which are like:

1.    Ability to read and write

2.    A decent way of living

3.    Better communication

4.    Use of technology

5.    Secure transactions

6.    Serve society in a better manner

7.    Propagation of Knowledge

8.    Social harmony and many more…

Let us visualize the role of education in modern society with these simple points:

•    Ability to serve the society well

In modern times, education has helped in the rise in a number of medical experts, doctors, engineers, teachers, etc. To give administrations to such a tremendous populace of the world we need numerous restorative and different specialists. Through education, we can generate skilled personnel. This has lead to better health & hygiene and also an improvement in lifestyle.

•    Express views and opinions in public

Education helps a person to express his opinions & views in a better way. He can communicate with a large no. of the audience by writing articles in newspapers, journals, publishing stories, letters and also through the help of video recordings.

Many poets & authors are renowned and widely famous because of their ability to influence people. Though, this ability is an inherent talent and education helps to enhance this skill.

One can even convey proficient and individual issues in a composed structure. They can do it by email, letters, books, etc if they are well educated.

•    Better Social harmony

Education is a path by which individuals of various societies, religions; sects & orders meet up together during schooling, college, etc. In this way, it helps them understand to see each other better and remain in mutual harmony & shared concordance. Therefore education can improve social harmony.

•     Better Political State

An educated society clears the path for a superior political setup and furthermore for the improvement of the country as they understand very well that what is good and awful for them. Educated people are bound to take insightful; better, wise and unprejudiced choices while picking their political leaders. They are the most unlikely to believe in false promises/ guarantees and get carried away by unrealistic objectives. They can easily realize who is genuine and counterfeit and can plainly picture the differences.

CONCLUSION: Hence these are the advantages of education which makes it essential in modern life. If one is not educated, he will face different sorts of problems in life. Thus, it is only through education that we are taking a breath in this false/ fake world. Role of education in life can be well understood by an uneducated or an illiterate person.

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