Importance of data science in python

by Rohit Kumar education consultant - MBA,BBA,PGDM and Executive

The one language which is ut-most on the mind today is Python. Even in industry the use of Python is immense. The job availability market for a Python programmer is also immense. Amongst the other programming languages it is the most widely accepted with rich set of libraries and tools it is a very dynamic language. It will continue to be a prime programming language for quite some time. Python as a language is gaining a lot of importance in the organizations today. It is very interestingand simple language with a strong learning curve.

Importance of Python In Data Science

Python is a powerful tool for the data mining in analytics.  Vast variety of applications are there of python in the data science .The machine learning and deep learning are two areas in which Python can be used.

The best part about Python is that it is flexible, builds better analytical applications and easy to use. It is a flexibility of programming that facilitates less time.

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Python is able to build better analysis platforms: Data analytics is integral to information gaining. It is a self -service analytics language which huge knowledge repository available open source for learning and developmental activities.

The historical background of Python:

The language came into being in 1980. However it saw light fully fledged in 1989. It was created by Guido Van Rossum. It has a huge library which makes data scientists use the language very easily.

The features of Python are:

·         It is easily readable and lesser coding is required as compared to C, C++

·         Python can be easily interpreted language. The program need not be compiled.

·         Python is interpreted language type. So, developers have to cast types manually.

·         It can run on any plat-form.

·         It can be scaled and used with 3rd party software’s.

According to the TIOBE index, Python ranked in the number 3 amongst the top programming languages. A very important reason for popularity of Python is the use of development of Websites through Python. Because of the versatility of python it is used in Web developmet in a big way. .NET or java are used for setting web browser but it is Python who is giving them big competition. It is used a lot also in IoT. These IoT devices use python versions or MicroPython (a subset of Python). Monty a Python inspired language is also gaining a lot of importance since 1991. It is best for beginners with inexperience in programming. Udemy and Coursera have lot of scope for learning. Python is used a big way in AI and data science. Python comes with built in libraries that have many functionalities. The number of libraries such as NumPy, Pandas,matplotlib, and SciPy for math, data manipulation, data visualization andmore. So if you are planning to learn coding then Python is the language is best. It could become the choice of the languages. There are many code clubs where in beginners and trainers come together to develop the language and teach to each other. From small games to LED control mechanisms it is really fun to learn.

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