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Illuminesse Cream Reviews:  Winter itch is caused by the environmental changes that occur during winter and our response to them. The winter months are very cold. We respond to the cold air by hiding out in our heated homes. The hot indoor air has very little or no humidity and when including the very fact that we have a tendency to tend to drink less during the winter months; it is no marvel that we have a tendency to suffer from dry skin. We tend to try to alleviate the dry skin by frequently applying moisturizer cream to it. However most skin creams appear to make the matter worse. This is as a result of they contain alcohol and alternative harsh chemicals that strip away even a lot of of our body's natural oils. Only the simplest skin creams avoid using these chemicals in their product.

Alcohol is added to some skin creams therefore that they feel sensible as they're being applied. Illuminesse Cream This might be a smart manner to sell a product but it is not a terribly effective manner to treat dry skin. It's better to choose among the most effective natural skin care cream product (those without alcohol) than to settle on a cheaper, less effective version with alcohol.

Another factor that you discover typically in less expensive skin creams is mineral oil. Mineral oil is cheap and when applied may even create your skin feel better. However, mineral oil has been known to clog pores and cause acne thus dermatologists advocate against it use. The most effective skin creams only use natural oils like jojoba, grapeseed and olive oil. Unlike, mineral oil these oils are easily absorbed by the skin, do not clog pores and do not cause acne.

If you try to ease the extreme itch of dry skin by scratching, you may develop a secondary infection. Bacteria like staph and MRSA continue to exist the skin and for the foremost half they cause no harm. However when the skin is compromised by scratching, these infections can get into our bloodstream and cause serious issues. The simplest natural skin care cream merchandise contain active manuka honey. This special honey has been clinically proven to be effective at fighting bacteria (like staph) fungus (like the sort that ends up in ring worm) and other germs which will be found on the skin. By using skin cream that contains manuka honey with a UMF rating, you're giving yourself an extra line of defense against invasive skin infections.

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