ICSI Procedure Step by Step

by Sharya khan

While dealing with the best associative results during IVF and other infertility methods and techniques to be followed up for the removal of infertility issues relative to this kind of procedure which is now a day becomes common in the regulation of the periodic layout procedural and techniques to be prompted.

Under such regard to be followed up for adding valuation in that prospect through which a small and only one healthy sperm as a possibility can be directly entering the eggs to ends up the ovulation procedure by injecting the sperms in the eggs by the process of ICSI and then fertilized the whole procedure but one must remember that the fertilization procedure must be done outside the female’s body.

ICSI is the process to be done during or at the time of the process of IVF to be done in the mean while for the process to be recommended by the experts to be completed at the time of IVF process to get the more and more chances of successful results in that respect to be made available in such programmatic manner to be done.

ICSI is the process mainly to be dealt with the couples who are not being succeeded during the past performance of the IVF factors and results and also for the couples who are being suffering from the male factor infertility issues.

The main 5 steps under which the process of ICSI must be dealt with:-

1.       The first and the foremost step is of taking the sperm sample from the male partner’s testis or epididymis with the help of an injection that must be ejaculated inside the testis or epididymis in order to get the semen of best quality to be extracted out of the male’s body and then to use the semen to make the fertilization process to be done with full efficiency to fertilize the eggs only a single healthy sperms is used.

2.     For this process to be completed, the next step is to extract the eggs surgically from the ovaries of the female’s partner.

3.     By using the small, sharp and hollow needle sperms should be injected inside the eggs and for this process to be completed only one healthy sperm is being required for completion of ICSI procedure and then the IVF process.

4.     Once the eggs and sperms are being mixed up well then for the process to be completed, experts and embryologists should be monitored the whole process of fertilization and then take the fertilized eggs to be observed for the growth and functioning of the eggs while completion of the process for the embryo formation.

5.     After observing and monitoring carefully the process of embryo formation if normal growth is being identified by the embryologists than the formed embryo must therefore be implanted in to the uterus of the female partner’s body where there is the most operative chances of growing and becoming the child inside the mother’s womb.

It must be dependent on the couple’s wish that which sperms should be used for the further treatment of IVF that means whether to choose frozen sperms or fresh sperms should be chosen is the big question while treating with ICSI and IVF process.

ICSI process should be done well and result oriented by the frozen sperms as to be recommended by the expert’s advice that must be clearly seen and proved by our expert’s of the clinic who must recommend the chances of successful results to be increased up to 50% to 70% as seen by our clinic’s expert and also by using latest technology devices it must be proved that for successful results to be obtained for ICSI procedure couple must take the frozen sperms to get the desired results with having the increased chances of becoming blessed with the child.

Working process of ICSI

ICSI Process is performed by evaluating latest technique called as micromanipulation. Micromanipulation must be done with the help of small microscope along with the special tiny tools to be used for handling only single sperm then monitoring the single qualified and healthy sperm and then at last injecting the sperm into the egg for further fertilization of the eggs by using the single sperm and perform the fertilization done outside the female’s body.

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