Hydrojetting - The Most Effective Way Of Cleaning Debris And Wastes

by Green's P. Plumbing
Hydro Jet drain cleaning is an extremely useful service that is used when a person has a sewer drain that is clogged. The Hydrojet generates a powerful stream of water which is then forced into the pipe. This powerful jet of water blasts away the obstruction and clears the line. The Hydrojet can generate a water jet with a force of up to 5,000 lbs. Per square inch. The main causes of drain stoppages are the excessive build-up of toilet paper, paper towels, food and grease that people force down the drains or toilets instead of properly disposing of them in garbage receptacles. Underground tree roots can also cause problems - these roots actually grow into the pipes and disrupt the smooth flow of water this makes the hydro jetting in Northridge vital.

First of all, plumber uses a camera and put it into the pipe when the clogging has occurred and after diagnosing the problem he then inserts the Hydrojet nose in the tube. After attaining a certain amount of pressure, the machine is turned on, and the force of water completely breaks the objects causing the obstruction and washes it away down the line. When the plumber believes he has cleared the blockage and completely removed it, he again cameras the line to make sure the obstruction is gone and that the sides of the pipe are now clean and smooth. He will then flush all the toilets and run all the faucets to make sure they are draining and running smoothly.

Who Gets Benefited from Hydro Jetting?

  • A regular home that has sewer clogs will help because not only does the Hydro-Jet remove debris; it also removes tree roots that have grown into the sewer line, the tree roots are usually entirely removed.
  • An apartment building usually has the same problem as a home but due to the extra volume more debris can build up and also grease cause also significantly impact the sewer line cause floods in the garage.
  • Restaurants especially need Hydro Jet drain cleaning. Grease can build up very quickly in restaurants, in some restaurants as fast as three months a sewer line can become impacted with oil causing the bar area to flood, and the floor drains in the bathrooms to overflow with sewer water.

1. Cleaning not just unclogging: It cleans the pipe by removing grease, silt, soaps, dirt, and another component of sludge. It is ideal for cleaning sewer line, kitchen drain, showers and lavatories.

2. Accurate and powerful cleaning: The high-pressure water stream goes through the sewer system spinning both water and sand from multiple angles to ensure the drain pipes are clean and clear.

3. Economical and environment-friendly: A single pipe cleaning with a Hydro-Jetting system can delay the need for another service call to clear blockages or tree roots up to four times longer than a typical procedure with a mechanical snake. This reduces sewer service expenses over the long term. Moreover, while cleaning no harmful chemical is used which might damage the environment.

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