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Master the skills and help the customers to grow their brand. That makes one successful digital marketer. Find some work from freelancing sites like Up work and Fiverr. At the beginning of your career make a good relationship with the customers. 10 to 15 customers per month are enough to make a decent earning.

1) Search Engine Optimization(SEO): Understand the basics of Search Engine. How it works and, How to rank a website/blog on the top of the search engine result page(SERP). Practice on your site first. Freelancing projects will somewhat like this on SEO

  • Increase backlinks
  • Find trending keywords and phrases for a niche
  • Ranking the website/blog on the top of SERP(Search Engine Result Page )
  • Create an SEO strategy for a site
  • Finding competitors keywords
  • Finding focused audience
  • Increase domain authority, Page authority.
  • Recovering the site from search engine penalties.

This takes in-depth knowledge of search engine ranking. One should be up to date to search engine algorithm updates and trends.

2)Social Media Marketing(SMM): Using social media to promote their business or brand. There is great demand for SMM nowadays. Freelance jobs will be

  • Creating Ad campaigns in Facebook/Linkedin/Twitter.
  • Generating leads by creating Fillup forms in social media.
  • Increasing Brands fame and reach
  • Targeting people by Ad-campaigns
  • Increasing fan page/brand page likes.
  • Creating various layouts of Ads
  • Reaching targeted audience by Facebook Ads
  • Targeting subscriber audience to like Fb Pages
  • Managing Fb/Twitter pages and posting updates.

It pretty simple when compared to other. To be successful in this domain one should understand #Hashtag trends, SMM tools.

3) E-mail marketing: E-mail marketing brings extra traffic to your blog/website. Consistency and quality in the E-mails make the audience to come back. E-mail marketing obtains ROI via Affiliate links. Freelancers can Bid projects like

  • E-mail marketing campaigns both Opt-in & Bulk
  • Write attractive scripts for E-mail marketing
  • Hosting clients E-mail campaigns.
  • Landing E-mails in Primary Inbox without entering spam folder
  • Teaching clients how to land E-mails in Primary Inbox
  • Increasing traffic via E-mail.
  • Sending weekly courses to the signed up audience.

Knowledge of various E-mail marketing tools like Aweber and Converter kit is essential. Scheduling emails is a great time saver here.

4) Website creation and Planning: The Understanding difference between Website and Blog is essential. Solo Freelancers can create a solid Wordpress website in a couple of hours. Coding skills are good plus point for the freelancers.

A brief knowledge of following points can make anyone successful freelancer.

1. Understanding Domains and Sub-domains

2. Different types of websites

3. Knowledge of Hosting plans depending upon usage

4. Website/Blog Security

5. Website architecture

6. Creating a landing page

7. Important pages like 404 and thank you page.

8. Creating a localhost website for prototype

9. Knowledge of Website Blueprint.

10. Knowledge of Plugins and Widgets.

11. Site speed management

12. Knowledge Website themes.

13. Understanding CMS(Content Management System)

14. User Interface overview

15. Knowledge of eCommerce Interface.

WordPress fulfills most of the client's requirements and it has a share of 27 % in the total web. That shows the craze of WordPress platform in the Digital marketing domain. Coming to the freelance jobs clients ask for

  • Create a WordPress website/blog
  • Create an eCommerce site using WordPress
  • Customize the blog using a new theme
  • Handle blog with Premium tools and widgets
  • Creating a landing page for the blog
  • Create a Bussiness website.
  • Change the hosting from one host to another
  • Change the domain
  • Migrating from other platforms to Wordpress
  • Creating About us and Contact us pages

5)Online Reputation Management: Some brands get a negative reputation on the Internet. Bad reputation makes the loss of new leads and existing customers. To regain the lost reputation clients pay for agencies and freelancer to regain it. Some sort of skills to get these leads are

  • Understanding ORM scenario
  • Understanding the depth of damage
  • Rebranding and Customer interaction
  • Analyzing Feedbacks
  • Strategy for Rebranding
  • Attracting new customers
  • Making old customers bounce back

This works when the freelancers work as a team. Teams can handles this kind of works easily and effectively.

6)eCommerce marketing: Selling a product in commerce sites seems simple. But it takes lots of research to compete with competitors.

  • Writing an attractive description of the product
  • Maintaining rating of the product
  • Maintaining Reputation of the product
  • Google product listing to appear on top of SERP
  • Overview of sales of the products
  • Keyword tracking
  • Competitor keywords finding
  • Maintaining consistent sales
  • Clients who don't like deal all these will approach a Digital marketer to promote his product. Clients generally ask for
  • Create an eCommerce store
  • Affiliate store which looks like an eCommerce store
  • Promotion of their products.

7) Search Engine Marketing: This is another type of paid marketing helps similar brands to appear on the top of SERP as ads. 50% of the users tend to click on the top results where ads are displayed. This is a great tactic to get leads in the same way they charge for the traffic income. I prefer SEO to SEM. Because SEO is a never-ending process it is perennial. Ranks fall down and we should build them again to the Rank top

This is a brief list on the top of the visible iceberg called Digital Marketing, There is great scope for Digital Marketing in coming future.Join the digital marketing course in delhi to make your future bright.

Wish you very best. Happy Reading :) 

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