How you to cure Schizophrenia?

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Schizophrenia is a agonizing mental and sensitive condition that is recognised by a heavily distorted thinking process as well as hallucinations and even extreme terror that borders on paranoia.

As per the below top psychiatrists following are the causes-

Genetics : Genetic problems execute a huge role in the progression of schizophrena. 

Environment: Possible environmental problems include obstetric conditions, the mother's experiencing influenza in pregnancy period or starvation. It has also been suggested that stress, trauma even migration could lead to the emergence of schizophrenia.

Neurodevelopmental Conditions : Schizophrenia looks like a neurodevelopmental disorder. That is the modifies that cause the illness have been occurring from the initial stages of enhancement even in utero, and may go on to influence the progression of the brain over the first 25 years of life.


This problem has a variety of signs consist of cognitive and emotional ones that may vary in the degree and severity. One of the common problem includes hallucinations and delusions where the sick person may land up imagining the things that do not simply exist. The patient could also be gripped by sudden and crippling fear like paranoia, which is usually debilitating as far as everyday running of the person goes. The symptoms can also interrupt the way a person deals with scenarios and life skills on a cognitive basis. Disengagement and hopelessness are also a part of this disease.


Schizophrenic disorder spectrum acknowledges a couple of conditions that could turn into full-fledged health problems . The several types of schizophrenia under this vast umbrella comprise of catatonic , disorganized , paranoid , residual and undifferentiated . Paranoid schizophrenia is when a man has unreasonable fears and doubts in relation to people and incidents around him or her . Usually , doctors refer to this state as schizophrenia with paranoia . 

Individuals of disorganized schizophrenia may not have delusions and hallucinations , but yet may show off instances of jumbled speech and thinking . Further , whenever a patient is going through catatonic schizophrenia , the key symptoms consist of a harmful emotional standpoint . This patient can end up withdrawing as far as socialising and family go , they might also end mute . Residual schizophrenia points to a state where the patient has dropped all desire and motivation in their life , yet may not suffer from delusions and hallucinations . Finally , schizophrenic disorder is recognised by all the major symptoms of this disorder including a severe mood state .


The initial symptoms must be mentioned a psychiatrist. The treatment consists the management of the case of a person basis in addition to psychological rehabilitation programs and introduction of the patient in self-help small groups. Housing and opportunities programs must also be availed so as to keep the patient busy. Also, behaviour therapy might be required in such events. 

The mode of counselling should frequently be on a one on one basis, although a lot of doctors also endorse that group therapy can help in displaying examples of developments so as to facilitate the patient to change and get hold of a new lease of life. Consult the top Psychiatrist in mumbai

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