How VoIP Can Improve Your Sales Performance

by Max Ruby I write as I see it

There are many reasons why smaller businesses choose to use VoIP over traditional phone systems. From cost-cutting and employee management through to additional flexibility and mobility they are a great option for all business purposes. But what about from a purely sales-oriented perspective? How can a VoIP phone system really add an edge to your sales team? There are quite a few ways that using the internet for your calls can assist with transforming leads into custom. All of the following apply to both remote sales agents and those who work primarily/exclusively from a designated office space.


1) Superior Mobility & Flexibility


We'll begin by taking a look at how internet telephone can help sales teams when visiting prospective customers. It is important to understand that VoIP networks deliver much more than better quality calls! The best packages will include everything needed to help remote employees access all of their essential office documentation whenever it may be required. 

Even the best presentations may be 'curveballed' with questions or inquiries that require the immediate assistance of a colleague. By using VoIP phones effectively your agent could realistically set up a video call directly to another member of their team - perhaps an IT specialist or sales manager - whenever needed and within seconds. Make no mistake that additional professional edge being available whenever it is needed adds a key advantage to professionally closing deals.


2) Higher Call Quality


Nothing screams 'small-time' more than speaking over a poor quality phone line. In the early days of VoIP phones, quite a few businesses discovered a strange 'echo' quality and delay problems that have thankfully now been resolved. Make sure you check the quality of the phone system you are interested in before purchase (or even better arrange for a trial period) although these issues have been completely removed by more modern sets. 

Providing your broadband is of a suitable standard (and again this is something to check beforehand but fine in 99% of cases) you should expect crystal clear and uninterrupted performance. This ought to also be the case from using VoIP on mobile devices providing they have adequate connection speeds. 


3) Effective VoIP Conference Calls


Almost all sales agents will have experienced the nightmare that it a poorly organized and/or configured conference call. When your VoIP network is incorporated alongside other effective office networking tools you will be able to manage these far more effectively. Video conferencing is now considered a standard business communication tool and is essential for discussing deals with prospective clients, especially if your company wishes to operate internationally and cut back on high travel expenditure. As with calls, it is paramount that the quality of the experience is second to none. VoIP phone systems will allow for these calls to be set up and controlled in a manner than not just suits your own attendees but makes provisions for your customers too.

Another key advantage of using VoIP systems for your sales operation is that files can be shared on both audio and video calls. You can discuss spreadsheets and similar data in real-time and without needing to presume that other attendees have already viewed the documentation. These files can also be made available for others to view after the call/conference had ended, adding yet another additional edge to any sales presentation.


4) Training & Coaching


Businesses who rely on their call agents to bring in business need to make sure that they understand your product and are being as resourceful as possible when speaking with prospective customers. Providing adequate training is difficult, as many people tend to freeze or forget once they are actually engaged in a live call. Even those who are 'naturals' to phone sales environments can let their standards slip without noticing it - and this is why good sales management involves constantly reviewing their performance. 

VoIP phones allow coaches to actually speak with their team members normally during a live call without any risk of being overheard by the other party. You could be coaching a call from the other side of the world and they would be none the wiser! No more frantic gesticulations overheard whispers, or scribbled down advice notes - just speak normally and guide your team member on the appropriate way to secure the sale. VoIP phones make this incredibly simple and potentially extremely rewarding for any company's bottom line.


VoIP should not just be considered as a straightforward replacement for traditional phone networks. Besides the commonly mentioned advantages and savings, you should always look for practical ways that it can potentially serve and enhance your existing operations. Sales are the genuine lifeblood for any company and VoIP technologies offer masses of ways whereby you can enhance the effectiveness and quality of your agents. The technology is highly adaptive and 'future proof' so make the most of it and seize the advantage while your competitors are still scratching their heads.

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