How TV advertisement can influence children?

by Susan Carlson Executive
In recent research, it was found that children are greatly influenced by television advertisement. It is true that the advertising company spends billions of dollars on promoting their brand. As the children are the most naïve and easily-influenced section of people in the society, they very often become the target of the advertiser. In fact, it is found that the children are exposed to 40,000 TV advertisements in a financial year.

But it is not true that TV advertisement only has a bad effect on the young generation. If the TV commercial agency takes some adequate measures then they can influence the children in a positive way besides spreading awareness about the products. The following are some effective ways by which the television advertisement by best commercial production NYC companies can influence the children:

● Promotes responsibility:
TV advertisement can promotes responsibility taking attitude among children. TV advertisement can teach the children to take positive decision-making skills. It can show them how to save their valuable money for the future. It also teaches them how to compromise for the good in future. TV advertisement can make aware children about various moral values.

● Source of information:
TV advertisement is a great source of information for the children. Various kind of advertisement including the public service announcement, sometimes comes up with various innovations, and technological milestone. This offers a great learning opportunity for children. Apart from that, TV advertisement also educates the children about the innovative and new products available in the market.

● Encourage children to take healthy diet:
If the brand of health drinks and nutritious food promotes their brand in the right way then it can certainly encourage the children to opt for more balanced diets. But in most cases, it is seen that the brand of beverages, soft drink, junk food, spicy food, chocolates, etc. advertise their product on television. This makes the children tempted to these unhealthy foods.
● Promote positive social influence:
TV advertisement is a great way to promote positive social influence in children. It is true that children of today will become an adult someday. As such it is necessary to make them socially adequate and knowledgeable about what is going on in the world. This can be done very effectively with a television advertisement. For example, when certain environmental protection commercials are shown on television it teaches the children the problem associated with it and encourages them to become a part of the solution.

● Motivates to choose the desired profession:
TV advertisement can also come up with some motivating content that can motivate the children to choose a certain profession and chase a particular dream. For example, advertisement on success of any sports person, business person, engineer, doctor or any profession can encourage children to select their career. This helps in developing a passion for children for the same and they may work for achieving their goal from the early stage of their life.

Thus it is seen that there is nothing wrong if the best production companies in New York want to promote their product among children through television advertisement to boost their sales. But there is an urgent requirement to understand how the message of their advertisement can influence the children. If the advertiser makes their advertisement with care and caution it will certainly send the right message to the children and influence them in the right way.

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