How Trademark Registration is Useful for Your Business?

by Gaurav Bansal Company Registration Consultants in Delhi

What is there in the name? Really!! We all know that the well-established brand name can help you in acquiring a significant market share. People associated with the names of so-called big brands rather than anything else.  Over the years we have seen many of the very small scale business grow immensely in the market and establish their brand name successfully.

Building your name in the market is not a one day job. It takes years of hard work and sweat to institute a brand name. However, once you are successful in imprinting your brand name in the minds of people you can reap its benefits for many generations.

Is it enough to just build your brand name? No, it is not enough to just build your brand name rather protecting it from misuse is equally important. In this era of competition misuse of big brand name is very common practice.  Benefits of all the turmoil you faced in a voyage of building your brand name are reaped by another person. The only thing that you can do to protect your brand name from exploitation is obtaining the trademark registration. Let us first understand what is the trademark?

A trademark is a word, logo, symbol, slogan that helps to uniquely identify the product or service of one person and differentiates it from others.  Just like other assets trademark is also an asset for the company and referred as the intellectual property right. A person can register his trademark with the trademark department and avails the exclusive usage rights over it.

There are multiple benefits of registering a trademark in India and we have listed out some of them below-

1. Unique identity – Obtaining trademark registration gives the unique identity to your mark, symbol or logo which helps it to stand out from the crowd and gain the competitive advantage.

2.  Grants exclusive rights – With trademark registration comes to the exclusive usage rights for the owner. It appropriately proves that the product belongs to the owner and he has all the rights to sell, modify or use that product in whichever way he wants.

3. Provide protection-The registered trademark can only be used by the owner to publically show his ownership of the product.  Any third person is not empowered to use the registered product name for his products. Thus trademark protects the trademark from being exploited.

4. Trademark assist in the growth of the business- Trademark helps a business entity to grow immensely in the long run. For instance, there is a shoe manufacturer holding a well- known trademark for his shoe business.  He decides to expand his business by including a cloth manufacturing business into his work.  As he is a well-known business with the trusted trademark it is easier for him to introduce his new cloth business and gain the trust of people.

5. Trademark stays forever- Once you have well established your trademark you can reap its benefits for the lifetime. In the initial years, it may take the lot of efforts to establish a trademark however once you get your trademark registered you can avail its benefits for your whole life. However, one thing to be kept in mind is that you must seek renewal of your trademark after every 10 years.

Trademark definitely helps you in getting some serious recognition in the industry and gain competitive advantages. After applying for the trademark registration you can put a symbol of TM on your product and get it registered you can change the TM symbol to (®). The registered symbol on the product helps to build the confidence of the customer in the product and make the product successful. So what are you waiting for? Get your trademark registered now.  If you desire to register your trademark in a seamless manner get assistance form

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