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Health is indeed the greatest wealth for anyone. Especially for students who are in their formative years, their health decides daily academic productivity. The simplest of diseases can keep students away from important lectures and frequent health issues can become a real roadblock to educational progress. At home, you may feel you have better control over your child’s health but the thought of sending the student away to a boarding school rings multiple health-related alarm bells.

The boarding schools in delhi ncr, however, maintain the best health infrastructure that you can never mimic at home. These institutions seldom take students’ health lightly and are unlikely to give up after the current pandemic. Here is how the top boarding institutions build and maintain their health infrastructure. Check for these before getting your child admitted into one.

An in-house medical facility is a must

Not only boarding schools but all schools are incomplete without an in-house medical facility. And the scope of this facility cannot just extend to first-aid for minor scratches. An experienced pediatrician should be on call or present every day. A qualified nurse should be in attendance round the clock. Health emergencies do not come giving prior notice and boarding students should have access to prompt health services no matter what the condition. The infrastructure must be so that treatment can begin right inside the school and then be shifted to a nearby hospital if the need arises.

An ambulance always available

The best boarding school in ncr house medical facilities that can treat most health issues right inside the school’s boundary. But no school can have an infrastructure equivalent to a hospital. Students with all types of medical histories come to study in schools. And often, some need extra care where the condition can escalate beyond the boundaries of a minor health issue. Here, an ambulance needs to stand right beside the medical facility on call. It needs to rush to the boarding facility and transport the student to the in-house doctor or the nearby hospital. Having an exclusive ambulance will ensure that there is no delay between the advent of the disease and treatment. The school can, again, respond promptly as the ambulance is part of the infrastructure.

Regular and frequent medical workshops

At the end of the day, a student will be the master of his/her own health. And only with awareness and education can a stage be reached where every child is cautious about what is good for him/her and what is not. This is where frequent medical workshops become so important and the boarding school near delhi ncr engage their students actively not only to spread awareness among them but also to build a healthier community. For instance, we understand now the importance of washing hands or wearing a mask. We also appreciate the significance of personal hygiene in preventing the spread of the coronavirus or any other kind of virus. Such things boarding school students learn through medical workshops for practicing these will keep them safe at a micro-level.

Nutritious and hygienic food

Food is like fuel to our bodies. And it is also the source through which most diseases get in. Thus, boarding school food comes very well under the umbrella of its medical facilities as sickness cannot spread through something that the students consume daily. In the top residential schools, the menu is not decided randomly. In fact, a qualified nutritionist prepares the chart of food that students will be having daily. Then comes the step of preparing it in a hygienic environment and ensuring that every child gets their fill.

Lastly, clear communication between the school and parents

Go back to the time when your child was born. You have probably had a list of vaccinations that your child received. Similarly, you have carefully taken note of what habits get your child sick or what food is he/she allergic to. The boarding school you are sending your child to needs all this information. And it needs a constant update from your side if your child has picked up a new medical issue during the holidays. The exchange is applicable vice-versa as well as the school is also liable to inform you about anything and everything concerning your child’s health almost immediately.

The above completes a top boarding school’s health infrastructure. Even if one parameter is missing, the boarding school becomes not worth considering. Hence, you will naturally find all these and more at Swarnprastha Public School which has been the safest and the best student-friendly boarding school ever since its inception. SPS has the top in-house medical facility in Sonepat. An expert doctor regularly visits and is on call. The regular medical workshops keep students informed and the school works closely with parents to always keep the children’s health as the top-most priority.

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